Aug 29, 2007

My favorites

The coolest summer fun pic boys and a very interested Jagr and don't forget GGNon's hand!

My favorite Chiropractor getting ready for work.

Does it get any better than this.....let's vote for the costume of choice.....I kid, I kid!

Another Day Waiting for a Buyer

Please shoot me if this housing market doesn't speed up at all.(Disclaimer: For any dementos out there....this is not a request.....just a figure of speech.) As most of you know we are trying to sell our house so that we can move close to Mike's work and save that avg. of $800 in gas every month and more importantly give him back that 3 hrs. commute time every day, five days a week, so that he can spend more time with the boys. He loves to drive, but now it has become hard on him because he knows he is missing out on so much. Housing prices in the area are very cheap compared to where we are and so we can move from condo to house and pay some massive bills off. Not that we will be that well school bills are calling and forebearance doesn't last forever....think extra house payment....ouch!

But, it is heartbreaking to hear Benny and Sebby ask for Dada all day and to have to repeat, "He is at work. He won't be home until an hour after Everybody Loves Raymond is over, at least." And yes, for some reason my boys have taken to that show and laugh throughout the whole thing. It does give me a break from the Disney Channel shows that we watch everyday (I could kill the Doodlebops) and the Disney movie Cars. Today I tried to change up the movie as I couldn't stand Cars or Little Einsteins one more time and tried to slip in An American Tail. No way! Cars wins again. You would think that 16 month old kids wouldn't have a preference...darn! I can't wait until I can turn them into horror movie fanactics like myself. I have always said that they would make the cutest Freddy Kruegers for their first Halloween. It was kinda funny because I really want to see the Halloween remake, but have no one to watch the boys. My sis suggested we take the boys like all those other delinquent parents out there. I couldn't do it. When I taught K-2, I was always shocked that those kids had seen Freddy v. Jason. Now, I am counting the days until they are an appropriate age. Horrible I know. Especially since they already love to watch racing with their Daddy and so I am always outvoted. I see The Fast and the Furious marathons in my future....I will be longing for the Doodlebops!

The cute thing for the day- My beautiful baby boys were kissing eachother on the lips, making a little sucking, smacking noise and giggling. They usually coexist, but don't really relate to eachother, other than poking, scratching, pinching, biting, stealing toys or stealing food/sippie cups. (play dates anyone?) This was the first time I saw them loving on eachother. It is true that they aren't always whomping on eachother. They do get quite excited when they discover the other one's nipple or belly button, but when they then try to steal it, it does become a fight. My silly boys. Ben did get quite distraught today because when Seb was showing off his own belly button and Ben was wearing a onesie and couldn't find his. It must have run away for the fair.

Okay, that is enough sharing for today.


Aug 28, 2007

Pictures of the angels

Here they are....prepare to fall in love!

Let's Get the Party Started!

Okay, so I am late to the game. Most of my adoption buds started their blogs during their process. I was too lazy or too busy or who knows what my excuse was, but it didn't get done. I started a myspace page and forced a couple of blogs, but never anything substantial. I wish I had started a blog from the beginning because there are so many things you forget as time goes on and I think the boys would appreciate being able to go back and see what their crazy mom was thinking during all of this. Okay, maybe also they could see how much work we put into this all....haha, j/k. I am now going to try to blog as much as possible so that I can remember all of the cool and not so cool things my little guys are doing. Plus, I am jealous that everyone has their super cool blogs and I wanna be like the cool kids. Of course, this thing will be a work in progress as I learn to navigate it. Enough of this boring chatter....back to the task on hand....jogging my memory for all those little milestones that I haven't recorded for posterity.

Ben & Seb are walking, running and getting into mischief. They escape from their corral and run off in two different directions with an evil and delighted giggle. Ben is a daredevil....he has taken to balancing on things....such as his ride along school bus or the kiddie rocking chair in the bedroom. Like standing up straight and raising his arms and I know if he could talk he would be saying, "Look ma, no hands." They both can catch a football and the way they knock eachother over and steal the ball and run off, I know they are future all american, heisman trophy winner USC Trojans...haha! Ben is the talker, although they both babble constantly. They are so smart and figure things out in record time. Their favorite foods are Cheerios, Pop Tarts, Rice Cakes, Jelly Sandwiches, Chicken Strips, Hot Dogs, French Fries and Donuts. This doesn't mean that it is all we feed them, but is their favorite all the same. Ben makes an assortment of funny faces and is going to be every teacher's nightmare in that he will be a straight A student, but the uncontrollable class clown. Sebastian is truly the charmer and can melt anyone with his smile. Watch out ladies...yeah, he will need his own phone line! They have several little tricks that they love to show off such as shaking their head and finger no with a devilish grin, shaking hands, laughing when they are in trouble, blowing kisses, showing off their belly buttons and the fact that they know several body parts by name. They wave hello and goodbye. They love the phone and any remote controls. They ask to play "This little piggy" and "the itsy bitsy spider". They love books. They love cars. They love animals. They love the dogs and share food with them constantly. The dogs love them too, probably because of the former. I haven't met a person who hasn't instantly fallen in love with them. They are like celebrity babies when out and about and we can't go on an outing without a million people coming over to meet them. They ask for Daddy when he is gone. They brighten my day from minute one of waking up because of the huge smile that they flash me upon my entrance into their room. I guess I will stop this sappy novela as no one is interested in all of this. I can't promise that more of this won't follow in my next entry.
Don't worry, they won't all be this long.....I hope.