Apr 8, 2009

Oooooh Kay.

So, yes it has been forever since I last wrote. Why this is, I do not know. There has been plenty to write about.....I just haven't had the energy. I have been quite the procrastinator lately. I need to clean the house. I need to finish our 2 yr post placement report and send it off. The list really goes on. We did make it out to Little Ethiopia to visit with our friends at the monthly meeting. It had been too long and we are glad we went. I really missed those guys.

As you can see, the musketeers are still pretty popular around here. My mom made the tunics and sent some pirate hats which really have the boys over the moon. Seb is especially drawn to his costumes being that he is the budding actor in the family. He still has to act out and repeat any scene he is watching on TV. Whether it be a choreographed sword fight or Goofy spitting on his hand and smoothing down his hair under a hat......it is all mimicked quite convincingly. While watching the musketeers he must have his tunic, his hat (usually his Dodger's batting helmet??) and his guitar (which is used for being the troubadour and also doubles as a sword.)

Of course, the tunic is sometimes a source of a fight for me. Seb loves his tunic so much he does not want to take it off to eat.....or even use the bathroom. Luckily enough for me.....they don't insist on watching the Musketeers all day long anymore. They do pepper in a few other shows and my sanity thanks them.

Seb continues to amaze me with his linguistic skills. He really is quite the talker. What used to be "NO" morphed into "Not Yet" which is now "Ohhhhh Kayyy!". Of course, he now has picked up some of my not so finer moments in parenting to parrot back at me. "I told you....."(the exasperated mom thing of how many times have I told you, blah blah blah.) or "Mom, Don't tell me. I know, Mom." (when he knows I am about to go into the previously mentioned speech) or "What did you do that for?" (When I do something that he now finds annoying.) It could be worse though....thank goodness I don't have an overactive potty mouth! But, I am glad that he has so much to say, even if that means that he never stops talking. You never know what he will come up with next, from "My dada has big boobs" to "Scooby has eyes like me" to "We all wear blue" and on and on. Ben is still content to let brother do the talking. It is most likely to hear from him when he wants something or has a request.

Both Ben and Seb have learned most colors and can identify a jelly belly from a mile away. Ben has the sweetest voice and his version of "yellow" makes me smile. Seb's favorite color is blue. He insists on wearing at least one article of blue clothing at all times. One day he even refused to wear a Navy Blue shirt because "that's not my blue". Ben on the other hand isn't a color snob. He is a character or picture snob. Good luck changing his shirt when he has fallen in love with a certain logo.....whether dolphin, dog or a Cars character......I am lucky that we usually get clothes in pairs otherwise the kid may just wear the same clothes all week long. And when the well runs dry....you should see me convincing him that Handy Manny is just as cool as Lightning McQueen and very often.....it works.

The favorite food around these parts is an oldy, but goody. Peanut Butter! The boys love peanut butter....on a banana, in a sandwich, just on a plate.....PB & J or just PB sandwiches are an almost everyday lunchtime demand. Each twin polishes off a half sandwich and Ben can do it in what seems like a minute's time. Seb is so in love with PB that the color brown is rarely identified as brown. It is PB. It doesn't help that the brown jelly belly is PB flavor and so probably what put the idea in his head.

The boys are now learning to count to ten. I start them off and they say the next number before I repeat it. This all happened by surprise actually. After our nightly tooth brushing routine I would count to ten to allow them that last bit of "I do it myself!" tooth brushing time. One night, they started saying the numbers before I did. Now they enjoy practicing our counting routine.

Okay....so really....this picture shouldn't surprise anyone. My guys to a T. I love that they are such individuals with different personalities. Poor Benny, I promise that we really didn't set out to torture the poor kid. He was totally into it until the Bunny grabbed him. And he did so well with Santa this year too. Note to Bunny.....give Ben the candy before taking the picture.
Last year we didn't do any of these commercialized Easter activities. This year though we will be coloring eggs. I am also doing our little family tradition from when I was little where the kiddos awake to find that the "Easter Bunny" has hidden jelly beans all over the house. I remember finding jelly beans into the summer months sometimes, haha. I am sure we will be on a sugar high this coming Sunday. Then on to GG's for another hunt and a nice family dinner. Then the fam will be coming for Spring break and the boys' 3rd bday party. Seb keeps talking about, "My party" and is excited to name all the people who may attending. In fact, every time we go into the car he asks if "we go my party?" No Seb...the party is at home. Then on to who is attending again. "Papa goes to my party. Nonny comes to my party. GG comes to my party." etc. 3 yrs old.....can you believe it? and of course, their bday means that we are approaching our 2 yr famiversary........

Please...don't let me blink.....it seems like years fly by when I do so!!!