Jun 1, 2009

The 3 yr old Photo Shoot

A little more catching up.......
So, obviously I don't mean a photo shoot from three years ago, but do in fact mean that we took our yearly trip to Sears for a birthday photo shoot. So, yes, the following are the boys' third year birthday pictures. Of course, they are as handsome as ever and such big boys now. And, what a difference a year makes. Although the pictures came out just as great last year, it was quite the process. Last year, Mike had to grunt at the photographer just to take a picture when the boys looked still and decent. The boys were all over the place. Running here, running there, unable to take direction and definitely a handful.
This year, now that they are big boys, it was much, much, easier. The boys actually posed. They did not run around the studio room in a frenzy. They may not have held their hands where directed for long periods of time, but at least the bodies were in one place. And they did good. Quite the hams.

It is really scary how time flies. And, I know, I am a broken record on that one.....but, in the day to day, things just melt together. Then, before you know it, you are looking at a picture and thinking, "Wow. When did they get this big? This old." Yes, I know they are 3 and last year they were 2. But, those are just numbers. Then they come up with something new.....something that is probably a symptom of being 3 and it forces you to really stop and think. It makes you think of all that has happened in the past year/years and how happy that you are that you didn't miss any of those little things. For every time I have complained about missing out on something for myself......it reminds me why I am happy to not go to this movie or that party. I have gained so much more in being present. In spending time with my boys while I can....while they want me to spend time with them. While I am their everything, as they are mine.

So, yes......I hate watching Thomas a million times in a row. I do get a little exasperated with Seb's constant need for my attention. "Mama, mama.....I have to tell you something. I have to show you something. Mama.....will you sit with me? Will you read to me? Mama, I need you." I am glad that even if I don't get to take a shower right away in the morning or if I don't get to use the restroom exactly when I need to.....that I make the time to listen to what he has to tell me or see what he wants to show me....even if it was a ploy just to get my attention when I was trying to sneak away to wash the dishes or straighten the house. Even if I have seen or heard whatever revolutionary news he wants to share just ten minutes ago. I am happy that my answer is usually yes to sitting with him and reading with him because especially before bed, those are special times we have together that I will remember and I hope that they will remember too. Even if right now the wonder twins are making me read two Thomas the Tank Engine books about nine times each before falling asleep. It is a small price to pay to be such an important, wanted and loved person in their lives.

I am glad to report that Ben has begun talking more too. It seems that he is always a couple of steps behind Seb in new things, from getting teeth, to walking and now to talking. Although we don't know for sure, I have always believed Ben the "younger" of the twins. Ben is my baby. But, I don't know what I will do if he talks as much as Seb. We recently took a long car ride to the Bay Area and for every minute that Seb was not asleep, he was demanding I turn around for conversation. With Ben, for the longest time it was one word at a time and then most recently two. But, now he is stringing together more and more. "Oh, mama....a fan.....goes round, round, round (complete with hand motion)." "Oh, mama, look....bird.....fly.....tree!" And, the icing on the cake is that just last night, when we were doing our reading marathon and I asked a question about the story, I heard a little angels peep. It was Ben. I asked him to repeat because I barely could hear the answer. To be honest, I didn't know he had answered, I thought he was commenting about something unrelated. But, when he spoke up, he did have the answer to my question. He had actually felt confident enough to answer a question before Seb and without looking to Seb for approval. I am so proud that he is finally finding his voice.

So, I will try to get back to you all and talk about the ups and downs of our Memorial Day Weekend trip to the Bay Area. Until then, enjoy the pictures of my beautiful big boys.