Sep 30, 2007

So, where did the weekend go?

We had big plans for this weekend. Let's do nothing! Let's relax and clean and just spend time. Let's take a moment and a breather and enjoy eachother. I have been trying to keep up the house, but haven't done any of the fun stuff like the windows and the vacuum attachments for the cobwebs in the corner. I really meant to bust out the tools and make this a spotless house. I really was, but then, the in-laws called on Friday and said that they would be visiting from the Bay Area for the second weekend in a row. They needed Michael to rebuild a computer for them since theirs had fried. This meant that Michael would spend most of the weekend upstairs or shopping, building and reprogramming a computer and I would watch the kids with the in-laws. There would be no time to do the labor intensive cleaning that I had put off for some time. Luckily, we did have time to go out to eat, pick up the boys' Halloween costumes and we had bought Sebby some shoes and sandals.

The boys do love their Lolo and Lola though. I help them out because my guys are big and heavy and so full of energy that it is hard to keep up with them. Also, I know their tricks and can try to head off mischief before it goes beyond the point of no return...and try is the operative word here! Just look....Sebby content to be held by his Lolo, wearing his new shoes (close up to come) and I think Ben must be getting into something because Lolo looks worried. Michael's dad is really good with the boys and spoils them rotten. Neither can cry without him picking them up and taking them around for entertainment purposes. They fight over whose turn it is with Lolo. Everybody loves Lolo!
Here is Sebby on the loose. He was chasing the dog with Bathtime Snoopy's robe. The dog did not want to wear said red robe and luckily was faster than the baby. Roenick is hiding behind the computer lest Seb get tired of chasing Jagr and catch the Roen. What is up with Seb's polo today? Whoever dressed him must have been thinking of Johnny Travolta back in the day. where are those buttons baby? You are too little to be showing off an oily beau hunk hair yet either, haha. No matter how the collar is, my baby is quite the cutie!
Here is the side view of Seb's new shoe. I had visions of super cool converse or vans.....but, Sebby had his own ideas. He and his brother love the Disney movie Cars and guess what Sebby spied with his little eye as soon as we got to the shoe aisle. The curly pointer finger came out and he let an excited OOOOOOOOOOhhhhhhh! Followed by, CAR! CAR! CA-CAR! So, although I usually don't like the plastic character shoes, Sebby was allowed to be his own person and make his own choice and get the fabulous Lightning McQueen shoe. It is a pretty cool, good looking shoe if I do say so myself.
And the eyes glow in the dark....a must have.....when shopping for shoes. Do you notice that they are a size seven? I tried to tell you all he had huge feet. He is learning to walk in these ski like devices and is doing pretty well. Although, his favorite thing to do is sit down and open and close the velcro. This is especially entertaining in his car seat.
Okay guys.....don't think we are as bad as Brittany, but here is Sebby enjoying some M & M's with Daddy. I just wish the dye on the candy shell didn't get all over and it wasn't crazy colors like bright blue or red. Have you ever seen a more giddy kiddo though. Tonight will be an extra tooth brushing...that is for sure!
Here is Benny. He so pooped out today with lack of nap. He skipped the morning nap with the excitement of saying goodbye to Lolo and Lola. Then when the boys went down for an afternoon nap, the phone rings. The first people in the last 2 weeks decide that they want to see the house. Usually you have a 30 minute heads up. Today, the agent calls with a 5 minute warning. Luckily I had straightened the upstairs earlier that morning....but had 30 minutes of work to do downstairs. Oh well. With two kids and two dogs and a messy husband.....I can't keep the house in 5 minute ready condition. I got them to agree to 10-15 minutes. We rushed around, but gave up because giving us 10 minutes was waiting outside of our open door after 5 minutes. Things were neat, but not sparkling. I was happy to have lookers and hope that it pans out, but the bad thing was that the boys had no nap...they were awakened just as they got to sleep. So, here is Ben at 5:30 pm, sleeping. A little nap before going to bed at night. Why is it that the one day you are not prepared, is the day people come.....frustrating. Last two Sundays, we were carpet cleaned and ready. Today, not so much......cross my fingers.....please buy my house.....pretty please! I did have two tri-tips cooking in the oven so the whole house smelled of beef. Better than dog, but not the sweet cookie and coffee smell we usually go for.
Okay, here are the costumes. Wanted to try them on to make sure that they fit. The boys are not into the head covering thing. It stays on for about 1 minute and is pulled off. Hopefully by next month they will magically want to wear it. I do think that Sebby is hands down the most cute Batman ever.....look out Clooney, Kilmer, Keaton and Bale!
And forget Toby....Benny is one up on you too. Although, since his head is too larget for the cap to fit over his eyes properly.....Peter Parker would have been in big trouble....everyone would have known it was him. Maybe he could have just bought some glasses like Clark Kent.

Lastly, here is Ben learning to walk in his shoes. He does pretty well as Lola navigates him around the luggage. We are just getting warmed up at this point to go to McDonald's. I have to say, I was so proud of my boys. We NEVER eat out because Michael is so worried that the boys will make a mess or act out. It really makes him nervous and he would feel bad if someone had to clean up a huge mess and when he is nervous, it makes me nervous, hence we never go. Well, with the in-laws as back up, we went out. Ah yeah! The boys ate their lunch without a problem. They fed themselves, were quiet and smiley and were very happy. It was like their own personal Disneyland. Just as we were getting ready to leave, a woman came in with her 2+ year old son. Boy was he loud and kicking and obnoxious and unable to sit and etc. etc. Now, I am not judging this lady because I know....we all have those days and hope that no one notices or is watching. I was just proud that my guys were not having one of those days, oh, and that my boys had some style that morning and were not wearing short shorts with cowboy boots and a tank top. Again, not judging anyone, but proud of my little guys. They may find that they will get to go out again sometime soon.....not too soon though.....can't have Chicken McNuggets everyday! Although, we were happy to see Cold Stone has non-dairy ice boys, there will be a sweet month ahead of you!
Take care,

Sep 26, 2007

You Know What They Say About Guys with Big Feet?

Their mama needs to get a second job (okay, a job) to start to pay for shoes!!!!! Forget a college fund or a car for the 16th birthdays....a mere drop in the bucket compared to the dollars in shoes that will be spent. But seriously though, I can't believe how fast my dudes are growing. I had bought like 8 pairs of shoes before travel in various sizes and now, most of them have not been used and are too small. Sebastian is the one that amazes me. I had to measure his foot because it was just so big, so round, it was like out there, like some kind of (oh wait, those aren't my words) was 5.5 inches. My goodness, at 16 months, he is all foot. The heal alone is like an inch of it. Not only is it long, but it is fat too. It is just so wide, like it could have 7 toes and then he'll spreads out his toes. They do come in handy when he is scaling vertical mountains, like wrapping them around walls or chairs, but my goodness....the cows better run and hide now lest they lose their hides for his future shoes. So, this weekend will definitely be shoe shopping time. We want to get some shoes for Halloween so that they can walk door to door. I am thinking black converse...then it will go with Batman for the night and his three piece suit for the day, can you say Bruce Wayne, haha.

Can't get enough of Sebby's smile here. Just take a minute and soak him in.....he is beautiful! Just looking at him makes me lose my train of thought....oh boring droning on about shoes...shall I continue? Sorry, I must......

Luckily enough, Ben's feet are only 4.5 inches long. He gets the last two pair of shoes that fit either of them....a pair of blue Polo sport loafers and a pair of osh kosh tennis shoes. Thank goodness for a smaller, narrower foot. Although, blue doesn't go with a black three piece suit, we will be needing some black converse for Benny too. Haha, I wonder if I can switch to some black vans with flames.....I know, I am getting ahead of myself. My boys rarely wear shoes, but with winter approaching, they will need to learn to like it. At the very least, it slows them down so that I can keep up with them better....who am I kidding, they still outrun me! And, if the state ever gets to processing our readoption paperwork and scheduling our court date, then both shoes and the suits will be handy soon.

I know, you all must be thinking....those kids are always eating. And, they pretty much are and I can't help but take pictures because they are so darn cute. Also, I know, their hair isn't done in this picture.....after a nap and rubbing of syrup and jelly in the doesn't look GQ. But, we have our own style in this family. I think they like to emulate me and my aversion to grooming (brush once a day....whether you need it or not....haha)
Here is Benny with his favorite meal time game. He loves to offer food or drink to mama and then pull it away, eat for himself, smile and giggle. The dogs get more food love than mama does! The other thing in particular with the cup is pretending to throw it overboard (as is the actual end result of every meal time) and when mama says no-no....hand it to mama.... he giggles....and mama says...okay, are you done?....and benny says, "all done" and mama goes over to retrieve said cup and Benny pulls it away and giggles and drinks and after repeating to the point that mama stops coming over, then it is bombs away! Like I said, the funnest game ever! Especially when mama has to climb through an obstacle course, under the table, under the chair, reach, reach, reach, is that dog licking me, what is that wet spot, did the cup leak....oh no, the dog did.....Everyday, two times a day.....very tiring....that is why breakfast is now in the corral, haha!

Today, GGNon brought the boys some new chairs and two boxes of cookies. A toxic combo...Here is Sebby with GGNon, watching The Doodlebops very quietly seated. It is so nice now, but Mama knows that there will be mischief to come. As soon as GGNon and Mama aren't looking, the true use of the chair will be seen. I can bet you......

Ben on the cellphone taking odds. Betting on an event that he is involved in......Pete Rose would be proud. Ben loves the phone. This is his cellphone that plays music and has different animals etc. He usually talks to his Nonny (my mom) everyday on the real phone, but I hold the phone so he doesn't hang up etc. Now, he grabs his phone......Hiya, helloooooo, hellloooooo.....ya, ya, ya, YA!......Ahhhhhhh! OOOOOHHHHH! and then he holds the phone to my ear (so that I don't hang up the phone I suppose) and I talk, and then he takes it back to his ear and starts his yammering and talking in an elevated voice again. It is really cute how he models things. Such an astute copycat. And, I don't know where he gets the loud hollering on the phone, but maybe it is just his excitement. We aren't loud phone talkers at all, no joke, we really aren't, really. I may talk with my hands like all good Italians, but.....I know, let's blame the filipino side of this family!

Back to the chairs. They definitely find those plastic chairs a little uncomfortable and a lot boring. How can we spice things up? The Doodlebops wouldn't sit quietly in their chairs would they? Hmmmmmm........
Yep, let's stand on these things, backwards so that they tip over. Good thing GGNon is there to be a spotter, otherwise baby goes boom! It may have made for a more interesting photo finish .....but mama is happy to have help and that her babies are safe and completely in tact. However, the chairs are now neatly outside of the corral with twin Winnie the Poohs sitting properly in them....until tomorrow that is!
And alas, back to the eating. A smiley messy Ben in the forefront and a smiley messy Seb behind, really to the side of him. After a lunch of pancakes, sausage, banana and syrup and a dinner of chicken, toast and jelly, and banana....don't forget the soy milk.....we are ready for a bath, okay, lazy mama, maybe just a wipedown for tonight. Shh, don't tell. Baths are better in the morning.....lest our hair doesn't dry and we recatch a cold in the night.

So, hopefully we will have happy posts in the future. Not even a nibble on the house yet....booo! Michael had work done on the Audi (don't even wanna see the bill manana) and the house needs a good cleaning this weekend. Resident Evil was even a bust and made me sad that a movie with so much potential (Come on, Ali Larter and zombies, how can you go wrong? ) was not up to par. I got a good laugh from the horrible special effects. Note to all movie producers, if you can't afford the effects, cut them from the script! Other than that, life is good. Actually, because of these little angels....everyday is good. I couldn't be happier! I love that I can complain about the little things, but in my heart know that I have everything I want in life, everything that is important.....yes, dear, a girl would be nice, but there is no way right now.....another 3+ years and counting and maybe.......

To end on something a little funny, today Sebastian pulls my shirt collar out, looks down and says, "Booba!" Where he learns this stuff, I do not know. Later, I test him when we are going over body parts, where is your nose, ear, mouth, toes....all good. Then he pulls up his shirt....he says belly button (beh, bu-on) and then touches his chest and giggles Booba! His grasp of language is improving everyday.......I just fear what he will say next!

Take care all,

Sep 20, 2007

The Ethiopian Patients

Of course, in my last post, Michael and I had a nasty cold/flu. Well, we passed on that evil virus first to Seb and then Ben. There is nothing like an illness to scare the crap out of a first time mom and with Michael never home (okay, not never drama queen, but it felt like it) I was having an anxiety attack to say the least. So, besides the thick green moss thriving in my Sebby's nose, he awoke Monday morning burning up. I mean, I nearly grabbed the kitchen gloves to take him out of the crib. The temp hovered around 102 all day and reached 103 at its worst point. I called my mom for advice, but she didn't have much new to say that I hadn't already tried. I called my Nonny to come over early so that she could help take care of Ben especially if I had to rush off to urgent care. In the end, I called Michael sobbing. I couldn't talk so he really got scared...not even knowing Seb had a cold before he left that morning. Just me crying like crazy. Okay, settle down, what happened....I choked out Seb.......what happened to Seb.....where is he.....where are you.......he has a cold.....what.......a fever......okay, settle down....Then he calmed me a bit and reminded me about everything we learned Pre med. I still had a hawk eye on Seb, but was breathing. I do have a flare for the dramatic and am quite the hysterical crier when trying to talk when upset.

Just not to worry anyone, here is Sebby on Wednesday, with a runny nose, the poops, but feeling great. Back to the story..... if anyone cares now since I ruined the ending....
I got my first encounter with the barf goblin. I had some spit ups before, but this was one heck of an adult size barf if you ask me. Sebby was in my arms, eyes barely open, and really sick. I gave him his next dose of medicine and a cookie. He grabbed that cookie and didn't let go, but didn't eat it. I knew he was really sick....never before has a cookie prolonged its life once in his grasp. So, I prop him up on me a little to help his yucky breathing and hear about six little hiccup like noises. Hmmm....what is that sound. I hope he doesn't........Seb turns around and goes all exorcist on me. Flying brown gallons of love flood my shirt, his shirt, my shorts, the dining room chair and pools nicely on the carpet. It was so hot and smelly, I hate sour apple juice/sauce, but I can't help but smile after the fact, that yeah.....I received my first mommy barf. Now it is official. I am a real mom. To make the rest of this story shorter....we started the otter pop regimen which totally worked. The fever held just under 102 for the rest of the day, Sebby got more energy, ate the cookie which survived in his hand and miraculously was not barfed on and played the rest of the day. The humidifer and some vicks held down the fort at night and we are as mischievious as ever, making up for the lost day.
So, fast forwarding even more, here is Sebby tonight eating spaghetti and french bread with gusto. Of course, he is Italian through and through like his mommy, haha. He eats happily and gives me a shout out pointer finger. So much better than the chicken and rice of yesterday. Yes he loves Dada and never stops calling for him, but mommy's Italian is better than Dada's filipino any day...ha ha! If there was any doubt as to how well he is feeling, take a look at this kid chowing down. Me? Sick? Nah, you must have someone else! That was my brother!
And of course, Benny loves his spaghetti as much as his brother. But, the last time we had rigattoni and that wasn't as much of a hit....especially because silly mommy didn't realize that she had used the Vodka cream sauce and not the good old Prego mushroom and bellpepper stuff. The Vodka sauce went untouched, but this serving was completely gone by the end of dinnertime. And, as always, there was room for a cookie after all was said and done.

Back to Wednesday! Yeah, I feel quite like Quentin Tarantino with all of my back and forth in the story telling. Here is my little Et patient feeling better and enjoying some one on one time with mommy and the dogs as Benny takes a nap. We played around the house and of course, Sebby opened the snack cabinet looking for something good. How could I resist a boy who survived mainly on otter pops the day before? So, I open the cracker tupperware and let him grab some out, okay, let him grab 6 out. He munches away, but after every bite gives a bite to Jagr and gives a bite to Roenick. Nervous me hopes the happy dogs don't nip the long slender fingers of the generous boy who loves them so much. As Sebby gets down to one cracker, he no longer wants to share. He scampers to the kitchen with Jagr hot on his tail. Jagr was very well behaved though and didn't jump or lurch and was finally rewarded with a dropping crumb. The boys have now replaced the word dog in their vocabulary with Jagr (although it is gaga-rrr to them, not Ya-ger) Even Roenick is now Gaga-rr.
Here is Ben chillin' on the carpet, watching his Playhouse Disney shows, eating cheerios and hey, wait a minute, where is Sebastian? Why, it is his fairly new trick of climbing on the couch. He pushes up one cushion, climbs on, then lifts up onto the higher portion and.......
runs along the couch screeching in delight. Ha Ha Mom! Told you I could do it! I just wish he got the concept that when you run along a couch having the best of times, if you get too close to the edge, you fall, usually not on the most favorable of terms. When Ben got on the couch, he reached over to the end table and grabbed a kleenex. He bunched it up, put it to his nose and made a loud snot blowing sound. Unfortunately, the sound came from his mouth. He is such a good copycat, but didn't get that when mommy and daddy blow their nose it makes that horrible sound, we don't make that sound with our mouth. I wish I had a pic or video of that one.
Here are Ben and Seb, slowing down a bit. Looking a little sick and lethargic with Nonny tending to them on the side. Ohhhhhh, we are still sick! Whoa is me! and a moment later....
Just kidding! We just wanted an Otter Pop or maybe some lunch...can you say jelly sandwich or french toast or a hot dog sounds good....please no chicken soup! Okay, we will settle for soda crackers and rice cereal, only if you throw in some applesauce!

So, here is this week in a nutshell. The kids get sick, but recover quicker than I do and are now back to normal. Ha, ha - and notice there is a fourth tooth coming in on Ben's top row.

We will see how this weekend goes. Mike's parents are coming for Mike's bday and we do hope to go out on Saturday save any catastrophe. With my luck, PMS will get me. Cross my fingers for a little Souplantation and Resident Evil Extinction. Hey, we need it after this week....okay, I need it and Mike can come along 'cause it is his bday!!!har har!!!

Take care all,

Sep 16, 2007

A little more

Hello again...don't have much to say, but had a couple more pictures to share. If anyone doubted my last post, you can see, he has some bitin' teeth. I love my little zombie baby! Ben loves to make faces....I just wish I could capture them all on the camera!

Although, he is much cuter when smiling. Who can resist that smile? I can't! Giggly, happy, little Benny. Anyone looking at this picture can see that he is the beat of my heart, or every other beat of my heart.
And, of course, I can't leave out Sebby. He is the other beat of my heart. I can't imagine life without them. Like the commercial says, "A Baby Changes everything!" I guess two babies does that times two. I ordered their Halloween costumes. No, I didn't give into the bloody, crazy costume.....nor the sickenenly sweet either. We decided on Batman and Spiderman. Something not too embarrassing for the future. I will definitely have to get a picture of it when they come in. Hopefully they still fit by the end of October.

Until next time,
Take care,

Sep 15, 2007

This Too Shall Pass

So, I finally have some more pictures to add. Now I can blog. We have had a tough couple of days at home. First, Michael was sick. Just a cold, but any time he had at home was spent wrapped in a blanket and sleeping on the couch. And, we all know how husbands are when they are sick...hehe. Unfortunately, because of illness, we couldn't see the Mesgana dancers on Thursday in Ontario which would have been nice. We wanted to go to the Millenium celebration in LA on Saturday, but surprise, now I am sick and so we couldn't do that either. Not to mention, this week the boys have been crazy to say the least. Sebby has been in biting mode. Anytime he is the least bit annoyed, out come the teeth. Of course, when he goes to wrap his chompers around my arm I just look at him and say,"I know you aren't going to bite me." He usually looks away and tromps off. Unfortunately, when it comes to his brother, he bites like crazy. My greatest fear was realized....Sebby has started going zombie on Ben's face. He gets annoyed when Ben wants to be a kissy face and if Ben persists too much....chomp chomp, bite marks on the face. Now, I don't like any biting, but I think....not the face, can't you aim for the arm like you used too..haha.

Sebby is getting over a cold too. Here he is during his morning nap. It has been harder and harder to get him to sleep, especially in the afternoon. I know, I know....probably time for only one nap. Ben goes to sleep rather quickly, but Sebby I can rock forever and he will look up and ask,"Dada?Dada?" and I answer,"No Sebby, Daddy's at work. He gets home when it is dark. Let's take a nap now." and he just asks again. It can drive you crazy because, believe me, I need that time to myself.

Here is Benny napping too. All sprawled out and finally asleep. He has been crazier than he ever has. I think those teeth are starting to come in. The last of the front top and of course, those evil molars have to come sometime. I had just about forgot the torment that Sebby's molars added to my that unrest is back. And, I hate to say it, but Benny is a tantrum thrower. He gets very angry at his teeth and decides that the only way to make them feel better is to bite mama...and scratch mama....and pinch mama. After Wednesday when Michael came home....I had bruises up and down my forearms. The bite marks go away after the day, but the little scratch holes are still there along with brown bruise spots. I have never gotten so much exercise since canceling my gym membership. I go up and downstairs to the crib to put the offender for a minute or two for time out. I don't know if it works so much as punishment, but it calms down the perp and the victims alike. I had to do it, especially with Ben's crazy tantrums because it was upsetting Sebby, and to be honest, when I am being attacked, it upsets me too. I try to talk very calmly to Ben and try to restrain him, but Sebby feels the need to defend me. He marches over and if Ben is clawing he pushes Ben's hand away and gives him a reproachful look. If Ben persists, Seb goes to restrain Ben and that is an extra fight I don't need. There is no more powerless feeling than when you are trying to make both of your kids happy and it is impossible and at the same time you must remain calm. So, long story longer, I make the extra trip up and down the stairs a couple of hundred times a day.
Enough complaining for now. I don't want people to think that the few bad days here and there overshadow the gazillion happy days. Even in a bad day, there are a million things to be thankful for and a thousand instances where each boy brings me so much joy. What I didn't mention is that after each meltdown from either boy, I open my arms with a smile and they return the smile and crawl into my lap with a big hug. That big hug and the love I feel for them and from them makes everything in life worth it. Here is Benny awake from his nap before Sebby has even stirred. It is so nice because he gets free reign of the house. Ha, it is so much easier to watch one than two. Ben loves the computer, any remote controls and the phone. Oh yeah, and any video game controllers. So here he is touching the keyboard and for once mama isn't saying,"No, no, no!"
Here is Benny in the same stretch of time changing the channel on the TV. I guess he was tired of The Emperor's New School and hence the channel change. It is so much better than when he turns the TV on and off, on and off and back on and off again. I love this little guy!
And who can resist such a cute little helper. Sebby has a great affinity for vacuum cleaners. It started with his singing vacuum and whenever I let him, he loves the real thing. Of course, he is usually right under my feet helping me push...but I had to take a pic and so here he is holding up the heavy vacuum on his own. Now, my husband reprimanded me for having more pics of Ben than Seb, so next time I will have to try to equal things out. And here is hoping for a more peaceful week. Emergen-C and DayQuil I come.....make it a double.

Take care all,

Sep 6, 2007

Nothing but Love in the Cruz House

So, it has been a while since my last post. Between the in-laws visiting and the constant rushing around when you get a call that a potential buyer will be walking through the house in 20 minutes, there hasn't been much time for the internet. Okay, only partially true.... I got addicted to Restaurant Empire...which I have almost beaten, but have paid for it by staying up past midnight the last couple of nights. I needed to fill my HeatherB. time somehow, sigh, noone to IM with.....return from Et feels like you have been gone forever(j/k...kinda, hehe) . My best friend also came into town to take me to see the Rob Zombie Halloween remake and go out to dinner. I love my husband who is always willing to hold down the fort, watch the boys, when I get those rare chances to escape. It's not really escaping though. I enjoyed the movie, but half way through dinner I found myself thinking about the boys and wondering what they were up to. I am not used to being without them. To my dismay, they were already asleep in bed when I got home. There is no pleasing me. I need a break, but then feel bad when I am away. As promised, I included a picture of my little kissy face boys. It is cute, but also frightens me because sometimes they confuse kissing and biting and I worry that one will chomp on the other's face. Now I don't only have to worry about the dogs going Cujo, but now I worry about the babies too. I am a little less stressed though. I was able to go to the Acupuncturist for two straight scheduled appointments, so I should be returning to a more mellow, thin, and happy individual. Cute thing that happened while I was laying with a million needles sticking in me and unable to see Nonny was watching them and walking them outside the clinic. She was feeding them cereal and would hand a piece to Ben who would then place the cereal in Sebby's mouth. I wish I could have seen it. That sounded really cute and was the talk of the docs at the clinic.
I wish I had a video camera that wasn't an ancient relic from the past so that I could post a video of this kissing thing. It really does have the cutest little smacking noise to it and they giggle so sweetly. (Mike isn't so sure he likes this picture as it is not indicative of manly man things, but I told him that it was too bad, I was posting it) And, it is so much better than the usual biting of the arm, followed by a howl. Seb is usually the biter and Ben comes to mama holding his wrist, then pointing at Seb as if I didn't know who did it. Then I kiss it and rub the 8 teeth marks....good thing that the arm doesn't fit back to the molars, then it would be 11 teeth marks. Then Ben shakes his finger in the no signal at Seb. Unfortunately, even with my scolding of Seb, he smiles and laughs. Although, Ben is a quick and devious study, haha. A couple of times I have caught him going through the motions and accusing an innocent Seb. What is it though about needing to put things in their mouths. My boys love to look at and have books read to them. Unfortunately, they love to eat books too. We are working on that.
Here is my Sebby posing for the camera or maybe trying to figure out what he can do to convince me to hand it over. I can almost laugh and see the commercial pose for Captain Morgan Gold. But really, I can't get over how fast my guys are growing. I know that I probably say that every post, but I can't help but worry that I will wake up tomorrow only to find out that they are graduating from High School. Exaggeration maybe, but especially gets me when I look at the pics when we went to Et and only 4+ months later they have gotten so big and learned so much.
Here is Benny. Obviously tired, but never too tired to eat. This kid demands snacks all day long. Here he is with his Trader Joe's lightly salted Rice Cake. They are coo coo for rice cakes. It all started with me getting a sugary flavored version from the regular grocery store, whatever is on sale, don't you know. Of course they loved those. When their grandparents brought the much healthier version, I thought there would be no way they would eat it. Guess again. I remember when these things were all the dieting craze and not very tasty. I am glad that the boys like them, especially without the sugar. We don't need no stinkin' sugar! We are high on life over here!
Here are the boys at play, outside of the coral. It is much easier to allow them to run wild when Daddy is home. I think they know Mama too well. Everyday, I give them chances, but they know that they can get away with so much. Mama tries to discipline, but is a softy. Daddy's presence whips the boys into shape. They don't try half as much craziness and are actually quite mellow. This is the same at bedtime. My boys sleep well. They sleep from about 8:30pm to 7:00am. If mama tries to put them to bed by is a game of stand up so mama can lay me back down. Of course, mama should just leave if they don't let her rub their back/belly while falling asleep, but mama can't let her babies cry alone. So, she stays and the boys take an hour to finally get to sleep. It is good that daddy now always comes to help with the nighttime festivities. With daddy, the babies are in their crib, laying down and silent after 5 minutes. I am glad to have backup because then I can leave the room knowing they are happily asleep and have some time to unwind...and clean....and shower.
Daddy and Sebby getting ready to go outside. I wish that the camera could capture the big smile that Sebby has for his daddy here. It is always a treat to have Daddy home and the boys love spending time with him even if it is just to take a short ride to the store in the car.....especially since Daddy loves to stop for donuts or Jack in the Box.
Here is a picture that I love. No one can resist a topless firefighter. I think Ben here should be the centerfold or main month in this year's calendar. My husband says that this pic reminds him of YMCA and it would be even more so if we had gotten a police helmet for Sebby.
Did I mention how much my guys love food? They can be having the most horrible day, but they are all smiles at meal times. Look at Sebby's tray. It is as if he licked it clean.....or maybe Jagr did while Mama was refilling the drinks.
Now Benny has the dirty tray that we are accustomed too. Although, he is much cleaner than his brother normally. Sebby loves to rub food in his hair. He does this thing with food or lotion where he fluffs out his hair from sides. I tell you, I can do his hair and within minutes it is out of whack. And here it kid the rebel already refusing to keep his hair how mama wants it. Daddy calls it George Washington Hair because Sebby poofs it out and it looks like the wig of the founding father. Now my husband just has to say G.W. hair and Sebby messes his hair and smiles and cackles. With so much attention, Benny tries to do the same. Luckily, he is only marginally successful. Benny has the tight curls going on, so although he can get it uneven and a little frizzed, it doesn't end up looking like Michael Myers' mask by the end of the day. Between the mussing and the carseat/sleeping time hair, my goodness we got issues. This from me....the girl who brushes her hair once a day whether it needs it or not...and a hairdryer...forget about it. Now there are two more heads to look after and it would be worth it if my pains were appreciated..haha.....purple mohawk here we come....or maybe red and green for Xmas.

Okay, enough is enough. I have a million things to do and it is already late. Such is my life....and I love it. We will see what crazy things will occur tomorrow. I don't know why I end up writing a novel everyday. Sorry if there is too much bland repetition too. ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

Take care all,