Sep 20, 2010

Monday Night Football

Poor guys. It is football season and because of fantasy football, mommy goes crazy over each and every game. Of course, tonight was no different. The boys enjoy pacing with me and jumping up and down and cheering for my players. And, I won the week by a mere 0.5 looks. These weekly antics did come in handy when they had to cheer Daddy during the corporate football competition. They may not have noticed that Daddy's small chiro office got spanked by the huge Walmart team, but it was nice to hear them screaming, "Go Daddy! TD Daddy!" Well it was nice for the first 15 minutes of the 1.5 hr game. Love you guys. I dug these pictures out from last year's Super Bowl party. It was fitting for tonight's game.

Jan 6, 2010

It's Alive!!

Okay, this blog has been seriously dead. I find time to update my facebook pics and add little tidbits on my status updates. I am lazy. Arghhhh. I have probably forgotten a million very cute, very important things already. Shame on me.
I will try to review a couple of things and it probably will be a little too brief. As you can see, Ben and Seb are perfectly wonderful. They are outspoken little hams. Seb, still the silly performer and always wanting to please everyone, and Ben the stubborn, head strong smarty pants.

They both talk non stop now. They speak in long sentences with quite the vocabulary. Some phrases that come out of their mouths make me do a double take. They can recite their ABC's courtesy of their frequent viewing of Super Why. They can count to 20, but sometimes will skip the number 14.....both of them do this, even when reciting separately. They know every nursery rhyme under the sun and love to sing them with hand motions. Ben resorts to singing Pat A Cake every time he is in trouble because he knows that his cute rendition makes me smile and melts the frustration before the first line is done. They love books and to play outside. They like to play restaurant in their play house and come up with the craziest scenarios. They fight like brothers, but also acknowledge that they are each other's "Best Friend".

They still love Thomas the Train. I fear this love of Thomas will never end and I am still looking for a break from those endless string of Thomas videos. I can't believe how grown up they are. I can't believe the pieces of me I see in them......both the good and the bad.

I love these guys so much. Every night I tell them how much I love them, how proud I am of what they have accomplished that day and how they have made me happy. Every night I choke up when I do this. I love my babies. Although Ben would remind me....."No mommy. We're not babies. We're boys!"