Dec 20, 2007

Happy Holidays

It's the most wonderful time of year. Knock on wood, we have enjoyed much success in many areas of our lives that were weighing on our minds. Now we are preparing to go back home for the holidays for a busy week of showing the boys off, getting them christened and seeing our family. We haven't been home forever and are really looking forward to this year's festivities. We will also take the boys for a tour of our college campus where we first met and fell in love (gag inserted here). We will see what kind of experiments we can cook up for them in the science lab too, ya-hoo!!!!! Back to the week at hand though. Mike's co-employees had a party at Chuck E Cheese and the boys did amazingly well and had a great time.

They were big boys sitting without a high chair in the booth and ate their hot dog, fries and mandarin oranges off of a big boy plate. I was so impressed. It was hard to take good pictures with them running around like crazy, but here is what I managed. Ben liked the Teletubby rider, but not as much as the Merry go Round or Chuck E. Jeep that is not pictured. He didn't like taking turns with the other children and cried when he had to move to a different vehicle, but he got over it. He was so tired by the time we left that he insisted I rub his legs and feet all the way home (a 1.5 hr drive twisted from front seat to back). What I am willing to do for my dudes.
Here is Seb, the first time the airplane started to shake. He was leary about the turbulance at first, but insisted on riding this one 5 more times. We are happy to say though, we survived Chuck E. Cheese without a migraine and even if we had gotten one, it would have been worth it to see the boys having so much fun.
This is a pretty short blog as I have so much to do before we leave and I probably won't be blogging until we return around New Year's. So, Happy Holidays everyone!
I promise some great pictures of our vacation in our next blog. Take care everyone and don't forget to tip your Santa on the way out.

See you next year!
Okay, even Ben thought that last joke was, oh mom, stop it already, you are embarrassing me! He, he.

Dec 14, 2007

The Busiest Time of Year

I have neglected my little blog. I feel so bad, yet the time has just gone by in a hurry. We are getting ready to go home for Xmas which will be a very exciting yet stressful task. The boys will also be baptized while we are home which took a lot of doing since Daddy is Catholic and there is a lot of prep that goes into such an event. Can't wait to share those pics as I am sure they will go about as well as the Santa pics to be seen later.

I do have to say one thing about my boys. They love to brush their teeth. Okay, there is some brushing and some chewing, but they enjoy it. I used to stress and dread tooth brushing every day. I had one of those finger slip ones and as more teeth arrived, it was inevitable that I would be bitten several times by each boy.
Finally, I just decided, at my mommy's suggestion to switch to the big boys tooth brushes. Mommy gets her turn first and the boys can then work on brushing themselves. I used to do this right before bed, but found it a great way to keep the boys occupied while I wash dishes.
Now, they eat dinner and have their drink. When done, their tray and themselves are wiped down. Mommy brushes and then the boys have time to brush. I make sure to constantly remind them by turning to them and saying, "Brushy, brushy," and modeling the stroke. They always smile and eagerly want to show that they can brush like big boys. Then I reinforce how great they are doing and they smile the biggest, brightest smiles. I am so glad that I get to keep my fingers and that I don't have to endure a crying fit. Note: Look how old Sebby looks in this pic. You can almost remove him from the high chair and put him in the driver's seat of a camero and he wouldn't look out of place.
I hope he stays my goofy silly little man for a while longer. The boys are really into being my little helpers now. All I have to say is "Can you be a good helper for mommy?" and they smile and will move mountains for me. After a diaper change, they help me put the wipe container and changing pad away. They help clean their rooms by putting away their books and toys with mommy. If I ask them to retrieve something or bring something to daddy they will. If I ask them to go get brother so I can do X, Y, or Z, they will. They are on the verge of putting on their shoes by themselves. Unfortunately, Ben knows all too well how to take off his clothes. It is getting cold, yet in the morning I find him with no socks and no shirt. Now, with the shirt I fear he will be a future stripper as he tears it off with a smile and dances while waving it above his head in a circle. He is also my little mooner as he very often likes to pull down the back of his pants and diaper and run giggling flashing his cute little booty. Thank goodness Sebby is more modest.
So, we went to see Santa at the mall and didn't mention the flashing or streaking, haha. You can tell the boys just loved it. I think this is the worst crying Santa pic ever! Not pictured here is when they stopped crying. It was as they got off of Santa's lap and Santa gave them a See's sucker stick. Oh, the sticky icky mess that made, but they ate that whole thing. Then they were happy and mommy wanted to cry as the sticky syrupy goo was hard to scrub. Although, I think this pic will be a funny thing to look at every year.
Here is Sebby in the stroller on Santa Day. He wasn't too traumatized I guess. The long line wait to actually see Santa was made easier with the generous gift by Lauren and Mike of the little Cars murses. Okay it is a lunch box, but my boys love purses so much that they pretend it is a purse like anything else that has a handle. On this day they liked opening and closing it and looking at their reflections in the silvery surface on the inside.
Everyone at the mall that day stopped by to see our twins in line. Who wouldn't? They are cute little guys. We also had twins behind us who were about 3 yrs old and just as cute. The boys practiced their waving and laughing and we made it through the day. Now.. onto Xmas. Our very special first Christmas as a family. I wish we could move already because with all the bikes and toys the boys are getting, there will be no room for us in this house when we return.
Wow, this has been a month. Sunday we are going to Chuck E. Cheese for a party....can anyone say MIGRAINE. I have my last, please let it be the last, appt for my tooth next week. Mike has his office Xmas party which starts at his boss' house for dinner and gift exchange and then ends with limos to take us all to a club. Last year, this would have been very exciting......this year it will need to be cut short as the boys will be at home and we are supposed to leave for our vacation the very next day. There is nothing less attractive then being hung over on a 7 hr drive or getting sick in rest stop bathrooms all the way up. Being a mom changes everything. I haven't even had communion wine since bringing the boys home. I need all of my faculties about me.
One last very important thing. Congrats to Heather B. on her pregnancy. I am so happy for you guys. Charlie will make a great big bro and you too will know the craziness of two crazy children running through the house getting into everything. Stay away from the Chinese for awhile though. You don't want to drive a yellow school bus.