Dec 20, 2007

Happy Holidays

It's the most wonderful time of year. Knock on wood, we have enjoyed much success in many areas of our lives that were weighing on our minds. Now we are preparing to go back home for the holidays for a busy week of showing the boys off, getting them christened and seeing our family. We haven't been home forever and are really looking forward to this year's festivities. We will also take the boys for a tour of our college campus where we first met and fell in love (gag inserted here). We will see what kind of experiments we can cook up for them in the science lab too, ya-hoo!!!!! Back to the week at hand though. Mike's co-employees had a party at Chuck E Cheese and the boys did amazingly well and had a great time.

They were big boys sitting without a high chair in the booth and ate their hot dog, fries and mandarin oranges off of a big boy plate. I was so impressed. It was hard to take good pictures with them running around like crazy, but here is what I managed. Ben liked the Teletubby rider, but not as much as the Merry go Round or Chuck E. Jeep that is not pictured. He didn't like taking turns with the other children and cried when he had to move to a different vehicle, but he got over it. He was so tired by the time we left that he insisted I rub his legs and feet all the way home (a 1.5 hr drive twisted from front seat to back). What I am willing to do for my dudes.
Here is Seb, the first time the airplane started to shake. He was leary about the turbulance at first, but insisted on riding this one 5 more times. We are happy to say though, we survived Chuck E. Cheese without a migraine and even if we had gotten one, it would have been worth it to see the boys having so much fun.
This is a pretty short blog as I have so much to do before we leave and I probably won't be blogging until we return around New Year's. So, Happy Holidays everyone!
I promise some great pictures of our vacation in our next blog. Take care everyone and don't forget to tip your Santa on the way out.

See you next year!
Okay, even Ben thought that last joke was, oh mom, stop it already, you are embarrassing me! He, he.

Dec 14, 2007

The Busiest Time of Year

I have neglected my little blog. I feel so bad, yet the time has just gone by in a hurry. We are getting ready to go home for Xmas which will be a very exciting yet stressful task. The boys will also be baptized while we are home which took a lot of doing since Daddy is Catholic and there is a lot of prep that goes into such an event. Can't wait to share those pics as I am sure they will go about as well as the Santa pics to be seen later.

I do have to say one thing about my boys. They love to brush their teeth. Okay, there is some brushing and some chewing, but they enjoy it. I used to stress and dread tooth brushing every day. I had one of those finger slip ones and as more teeth arrived, it was inevitable that I would be bitten several times by each boy.
Finally, I just decided, at my mommy's suggestion to switch to the big boys tooth brushes. Mommy gets her turn first and the boys can then work on brushing themselves. I used to do this right before bed, but found it a great way to keep the boys occupied while I wash dishes.
Now, they eat dinner and have their drink. When done, their tray and themselves are wiped down. Mommy brushes and then the boys have time to brush. I make sure to constantly remind them by turning to them and saying, "Brushy, brushy," and modeling the stroke. They always smile and eagerly want to show that they can brush like big boys. Then I reinforce how great they are doing and they smile the biggest, brightest smiles. I am so glad that I get to keep my fingers and that I don't have to endure a crying fit. Note: Look how old Sebby looks in this pic. You can almost remove him from the high chair and put him in the driver's seat of a camero and he wouldn't look out of place.
I hope he stays my goofy silly little man for a while longer. The boys are really into being my little helpers now. All I have to say is "Can you be a good helper for mommy?" and they smile and will move mountains for me. After a diaper change, they help me put the wipe container and changing pad away. They help clean their rooms by putting away their books and toys with mommy. If I ask them to retrieve something or bring something to daddy they will. If I ask them to go get brother so I can do X, Y, or Z, they will. They are on the verge of putting on their shoes by themselves. Unfortunately, Ben knows all too well how to take off his clothes. It is getting cold, yet in the morning I find him with no socks and no shirt. Now, with the shirt I fear he will be a future stripper as he tears it off with a smile and dances while waving it above his head in a circle. He is also my little mooner as he very often likes to pull down the back of his pants and diaper and run giggling flashing his cute little booty. Thank goodness Sebby is more modest.
So, we went to see Santa at the mall and didn't mention the flashing or streaking, haha. You can tell the boys just loved it. I think this is the worst crying Santa pic ever! Not pictured here is when they stopped crying. It was as they got off of Santa's lap and Santa gave them a See's sucker stick. Oh, the sticky icky mess that made, but they ate that whole thing. Then they were happy and mommy wanted to cry as the sticky syrupy goo was hard to scrub. Although, I think this pic will be a funny thing to look at every year.
Here is Sebby in the stroller on Santa Day. He wasn't too traumatized I guess. The long line wait to actually see Santa was made easier with the generous gift by Lauren and Mike of the little Cars murses. Okay it is a lunch box, but my boys love purses so much that they pretend it is a purse like anything else that has a handle. On this day they liked opening and closing it and looking at their reflections in the silvery surface on the inside.
Everyone at the mall that day stopped by to see our twins in line. Who wouldn't? They are cute little guys. We also had twins behind us who were about 3 yrs old and just as cute. The boys practiced their waving and laughing and we made it through the day. Now.. onto Xmas. Our very special first Christmas as a family. I wish we could move already because with all the bikes and toys the boys are getting, there will be no room for us in this house when we return.
Wow, this has been a month. Sunday we are going to Chuck E. Cheese for a party....can anyone say MIGRAINE. I have my last, please let it be the last, appt for my tooth next week. Mike has his office Xmas party which starts at his boss' house for dinner and gift exchange and then ends with limos to take us all to a club. Last year, this would have been very exciting......this year it will need to be cut short as the boys will be at home and we are supposed to leave for our vacation the very next day. There is nothing less attractive then being hung over on a 7 hr drive or getting sick in rest stop bathrooms all the way up. Being a mom changes everything. I haven't even had communion wine since bringing the boys home. I need all of my faculties about me.
One last very important thing. Congrats to Heather B. on her pregnancy. I am so happy for you guys. Charlie will make a great big bro and you too will know the craziness of two crazy children running through the house getting into everything. Stay away from the Chinese for awhile though. You don't want to drive a yellow school bus.

Nov 24, 2007

Long Weekend = Long Blog

I promised hair cut pics......and here they are. I really wanted to cry myself as I love their long curls, but had to get it done. Not to mention I had a fear that one of the grandparents were about to take liberty with scissors themselves. Better to get it professionally done. After visiting many barbershops and even chains such as Supercuts.....we were unable to get anywhere. People felt they were too young for a cut. They said they would stop midway if the kid started crying. We finally found a nice kids place that was excellent. They even had a vehicle chair to keep the little dudes busy and toys to play with while waiting.

As you can see, Ben was still not happy. Toys were not going to keep him from hating this. He couldn't sit in the vehicle hair cut chair and Daddy had to hold him on his lap. Big tears.
Sebby didn't mind the hair cut too much and his took longer still. He had to be trimmed with the scissors and then shaved. He was a really good boy. He played with his toys and although, not the job done. They collected a baggy of the hair and gave them a certificate to keep as a souvenir.
As promised, we went to McDonald's afterward for lunch. McNuggets and fries help to heal the emotional scars. Here is Sebby rocking his do and engulfing his chicken.
Here is Ben doing the same, but as you can see.....he is still annoyed with Mama. He may be sad, but the new cut is pretty cute all the same.
A new Thanksgiving day tradition has begun for the boys. While the womenfolk toil in the kitchen creating the feast of the day, the Cruz men go to the auto show. My guys already love cars: real, toy and cartoon. This was heaven for them and daddy and Lolo didn't mind it much either. Here is Ben driving a 2008 Volkswagon GTI. Daddy says he is going to be a drift racer. Lolo stands in the back ground keeping watch.
Here is Sebby taking in the scene as well. He is enjoying the shiny view in front of Nissan 350Z . Sorry guys.....this does not fit in your Xmas stocking.
And of course, nothing would be complete without Daddy getting you hooked on a Porsche. My cute little baby boys before we butchered their curls and as always big smiles on their beautiful faces.
Sebby and Daddy always have fun. After the car show we will all go to GGNon's for their first Thanksgiving feast. Nonny, Papa, Lolo, Lola, GGnon, Uncle Steve, Tia Lourdes and cousins Geoff and Daniel will be there to complete the full house.
Here is Ben playing it cool with Lolo. It was a long day, but a good day. A day spent with our nearest and dearest family. A day that reminds us that we have so much to be thankful for. A day where the boys refused to eat turkey and mashed potatoes and threw up their pumpkin pie, but were still happy. A weekend where Ben would do a face plant into the concrete landing sending me into a frenzy, covered in blood, but only phasing him for a couple of minutes (popcycles actually do cure everything). Please tooth....stay in there for another 5 yrs at least...Benny needs you.
I must a broken record, I know......I am thankful for my life. I am thankful for the best husband ever who is truly my soul mate and gets me when no one else does. I am thankful for my twins: Ben and Seb who make me smile everyday and who are the joy of my life. I am thankful for my family and friends who make the great times more enjoyable and the woeful times easier to weather. Most of all I am thankful for the boys' Ethiopian parents who loved them and taught them to love so fully and without reservation. The parents that gave them life and gave us the greatest gift of all even though it meant that they would be losing so much. I pray that they know how thankful we are for them and that our boys are doing great and are loved and well cared for. I pray that they have continued peace in their decision and I pray for their continued health and livelihood.
I hope everyone had a great Turkey Day!
Gobble Gobble

Nov 13, 2007

Stupid Root Canal

As I think I mentioned in my last blog.....I thought that I had broken my tooth on a bone in a sandwich. The crown was not broken, but may have lifted, causing an infection under the tooth. That meant that I will have 4 appointments, two for a root canal and two for a new crown and a cleaning/check up. My parents came down to watch the boys for the first appt. which was horrid.

I am glad that Ben is chillin and having fun here with Nonny and Papa as Mommy is at the dentist. At this point they were chiseling/drilling away at a very strong crown for an hour before they could flush the root. I have been in pain for days...unable to really eat with this temporary crown and with a bloody nose for two days as the yucky flushes through my sinuses. Gross, I know.
This is about how I feel kid. Look at that mug. There weren't many of these looks this weekend. The boys love having visitors and especially when those visitors make it possible so that they can run around outside of the pen. It is great to be free and able to get into everything is so full of possibility.
And Sebby can't be outdone by his brother's wonderful poses. They had a lot of fun walking around the neighborhood with Nonny and Papa too. They played outside all day and were quite warn out by dinner time. It was a Chinese Food bonanza (won ton soup for me) and Ben's eyes were nearly closing with head falling into his Chow Mein. They stayed awake though because they didn't want to miss out. The only thing they like better than chicken strips is Chow Mein with Terriyaki Chicken. The fried rice isn't so bad either. The almond cookie is also a treat at the end of the meal. Can't use choppy sticks yet.....a fork is the extent of what we can handle....but with noodles, let's just go with the fingers.
The one thing about Sebastian is his infectious smile. Who wouldn't love this kid? He has such personality and you can't help but smile when he flashes his. Ben is the one with evil glares here and there, but I don't know if I have seen one from this happy go lucky kid. Yes he cries like a muppet with a head tilt and a fully open mouth....but never an attitude.
Here is the closest thing to attitude. Practicing his runway strut. He loves to hold his little shark bucket (previously holding a Jack happy meal). First it was used to hold legos and toys. Now he throws it over his shoulder like a purse and waves/ says bye-bye. I think this comes from months of GGNon putting on her purse and saying bye bye before she leaves. So, my dude finds anything with a handle, slings it over the shoulder and says bye bye. Future murse carrier I guess......daddy would die.
Kisses from Ben. Or is he just trying to lure me close enough to snatch the camera. It is hard to tell these days. Gotta love it all the same. Ben loves to kiss, whether it be family, friends or each and every one of his dolls (or stuffed animals to keep it on the macho side).
And, I will finish on this picture. Two smiling boys at play, just loving their momma. Can you believe it actually got cold enough down here to wear long sleeves and pants for one day? Not anymore though, we are back to shorts and Tshirts today. You gotta love So. Cal. My babies will freeze in the Bay Area this Xmas. I know, those of you in the real cold just collectively rolled your eyes. Ha, ha....I guess it is all relative.
Take care everyone and if I get up the courage, next time we will have pictures of a first hair cut. I myself hate getting hair cuts and end up with one once a year, a little weird I know. It has gotten worse since my sis moved. She used to kidnap me and then drop me off at Supercuts to make me take the plunge. So, maybe today will be the day the boys get a haircut. I love their hair though....I just don't know. They don't want me to keep it up though so something must be done. The bed head and carseat head will not do if they won't let me fix it. I don't know how much time a day I chase them (on my knees mind you) around the corral in circles with lotion in one hand and a brush in the other. We will see. Hope it turns out nice as I would really like to take professional pics in time for Xmas.

Nov 4, 2007

Ladies keep your daughters indoors....Sebby is on the loose

We have been very busy indeed. Lucky, Lucky us! We got to meet more forum friends on Saturday! Lauren and Mike were just about the coolest people we could ever meet. We met them for coffee and apple juice (not mixed) in the beautiful park near their place. Boy was it a great park. Jealous much...I am, I am. The boys played for hours and I have the sun burn to show it (ouchy ouchy ouchy), but we had the best time. We then went to lunch and the boys were well behaved at a very nice, sit down place. Thanks for lunch you guys....we had a blast! We can't wait to get together with these guys again as they are great people and will most definitely make great parents. Their coolness is out of our anyone that gets the chance to meet these legendarily cool people....just do it!

The pictures from our outing start with our new friends and our beautifully cranky boys. I think bonding is going well as Benny doesn't seem to like to go to anyone but his mama. Sebby seems pretty cool though. Wish we could have gotten them both to smile, but hey, this adds character to the picture I think. Thank you L and M for being such good sports, although this still isn't Christmas card material, haha.
Here is Sebby at the play structure mini slide. Both boys enjoyed running around and trying to play with everyone else's toys. It was fun to see them having so much fun. Minus one little melt down by Ben, it was a perfect day.
Here is Benny on the mini merry go round. He looks ready for Michael to push faster and faster.
That is the ticket. These kids feel the need for speed. How quickly they grow. Did I mention it was a great park? I am surprised we ever got the boys to leave.
Here is Sebby with his arm around a random chick he picked up at the park. Look at that smirk. I kid you pose here. This is all Sebby. The girl came to use the mini merry and Sebby put on the moves. He first grabbed her hand....then progressed to going for the hug and even went to lean in for the kiss. Where is he learning this stuff? The future flashed before my eyes.....I have a little Don Juan on my hands. This kid is a social dude. In the store he is all about hi and bye to every patron he passes. Sebby loves everyone. Ben is a little more reserved. No need to worry about waking up and finding him married with children tomorrow. Seb, now that is a different story.

There is a lot to look forward to this week, I think. I have a dentist appt. (broke a tooth on a hidden bone in a stupid Lean Cuisine sandwich that I didn't even want in the first place). I hope they can fix the darn thing. I take good care of my teeth and am too young to start losing oh man.......please just be a little crown. On a happier note, my parents are coming for the three day weekend. for us all. Plus, we are starting to plan our Xmas vacation back home in the Bay Area. We get to have some kind of party to show off the boys. Lots to look forward to as soon as I get past the tooth situation.

I'm out.

Nov 1, 2007

No good news, But Life is Good

So, to dispell any hopeful thinking on the house front, the buyer with the low offer didn't bring it up to the standard. We came down, they came up and we were still big time off and decided to walk. Fingers remain crossed. But, more importantly......this was the week of meeting new friends and seeing some family members for the first time. The boys actually love meeting people and I am glad to see that they are charmers and my homebody tendencies haven't turned them into hermits.

Look here at my kissy face boys. Kisses are plentiful lately. Even for the the Jagr Dog who loves her brothers. She continues to be good with them and here is their love fest.....going in for the kiss. We have had a good week. We met with a CHS forum friend who lives near by. We walked through the mall talking for between 2-3 hrs. I loved the company and feel lucky to have made a new friend. She brought her 2.5 yr old beautiful son who was just a precious little man.....and so well behaved. My guys were pretty good too, sitting in the stroller for that long ride. We did take a break for lunch at the food court, but still the kids were very understanding of their mommies little outing. I just hope that I can be as awesome a parent as she is and that my boys are as cool as her fellow a year from now. A shout out to M. I hope that your travel date is just around the corner.
The boys also got to meet their great-aunt Evelyn who lives in Arizona. She was in the area for a business meeting and we met her at the hotel. The boys had a great time running around the hotel room uninhibited and playing with their newly met Auntie. Sebby the charmer, really took to Evelyn. He had her read him books and hold him in her lap to look at cars. She brought them toys and took us to McDonald's for dinner (she offered a nicer venue, but the boys are not ready for more than a fast food place, so that is where we went). Sebby had Evelyn carry him to the car when we were done with our visit and cried when she had to leave. Sebby loves his Evelyn.
It's a bird, It's a it Superman? And can we play with him.....we are superheroes too you know. It was a long day yesterday. We went to GGNon's for Halloween. The boys were excited to run around in a bigger area and get into all of the unchildproofed cabinets, drawers and knick knacks. That doesn't mean that GG doesn't have a million cars, toys, balls, books, old remote controls etc. for these guys. And talk about goodness. So amped up on spaghetti and sugar....we had a great night.
We trick or treated very well thank you. We got mommy and daddy lots of candy. Ben got into a bag of M&M's and both boys enjoyed a Reeses Peanut Butter cup. Sebby loved going to the people's doors and waved and blew kisses. He was almost an unwanted visitor in many homes as when the door opened, Sebby wanted to run inside if they had something of interest in their domicile. The babies met a new friend....GG's friend has a grandbaby who is a Korean adoptee. He was dressed as a pumpkin and followed us down the sidewalk for quite some time not wanting to leave his new found friends. We have an offer for play dates in the future. That should be fun.
The good news is that I think my sons are going to be horror freaks like their momma. One of their most favorite things, besides picking up leaves from the ground on the t-or-t trail, was the huge blown up hearse with a raising cackling skeleton. They had to go back and visit it several times and point and oooh and ahhhh. How proud am I? Maybe we will be able to trade in Cars for some blood and guts yet...I kid, I kid. After finishing with the out and about, we went back to Nonny's and got in our PJ's and waited for Daddy to meet us. We spent time with Uncle Steve and Tia Lourdita. We swept Nonny's floor....aren't brooms the next best thing since, well, the vacuum. Sebby loved answering the door for other trick or treaters too. Happy and giggling and pointing at every costume....he had a great time even when not getting candy himself. We had a big was wonderful and tiring and the boys slept all the way home and didn't stir as we put them in their crib. They even slept in for momma this morning.

I love my wonderfully happy little dudes......and so does everyone else. I am in awe at how happy two little beings can make one person and even now I tear up. These guys put everything in perspective. As long as these guys are in my life, living a life of the ordinary, nothing could be bad. Who cares about houses, gas and whatever else would usually be a downer. I just look at my sons.....drinking milk, eating a pop tart, running around naked in the sun....whatever, and nothing can compare to those simple things in life. Those things that you can't buy and can't measure or explain. This is what life is meant to be. This is what makes life worth living. I can't express how much I love these two.

Miss you all(when we finally get a new all must come....if we build it, will you come?),

Oct 25, 2007

Too Much Going On

It seems like forever and a day since I have had the time to blog. There has been so much going on and unfortunately I didn't have my camera on me for the more interesting things so I apologize in advance. One of the things I regret most is that I have no pictures of our trip to visit a couple of Michael's patients in RPV. They have a beautiful estate and wanted to meet the boys. The boys got to see a huge fish pond, a small pumpkin patch and the best part for them were the horses. They were able to feed the horses carrots which Seb loved. Ben wanted to keep his carrot and munched on the tip....he doesn't like carrots and so he would periodically spit out the bits he took off. Then the dog came along and stole the carrot once and for all....that brought on quite a cry. Our hostess fixed that with some animal crackers and juice.....seventh heaven again. We all had a great time.

As every one knows there are like a million fires here in So. Cal. The last couple of days were smoky and the air was icky, but we weren't too close fear wise. My uncle's house in Lake Arrowhead has luckily been spared so far and we continue to pray that the wind doesn't shift. It has been scorching hot here and so we filled up the pool and let the boys run around naked in the backyard to cool off. They love running around with my cooking spoons and banging on everything and splashing violently in the pool. The dogs stay inside as they are afraid of a much needed bath.
Look at that devilish grin. They enjoy the freedom of a naked backyard jaunt. We are also happy because daddy can find his way home to us at night again. The crazy fires being so bad and so spread out had pretty much closed down multiple freeways. Of course, two routes Mike could use to get home were both closed. He had to stay in Victorville. This was horrible because there are a lot of displaced and evacuated people. It took until 9:30 pm to locate a hotel for him after hours of frequent dialing. He had to buy a change of clothes and toiletries for the next day and we finally got him booked at a Ho Jo. Unfortunately, when he got there, they knew all too well the desperation everyone faced. They decided to more than double, okay almost triple for the dramatic, the price from 66 to 150+ dollars. When Mike asked, thinking maybe they just ran out of the cheaper rooms, they smirked and said that it was supply and demand and they could raise the price because they were so busy....most hotels had no vacancies in the area and they new they would be busy regardless. Some people! Of course he took it....didn't want to stay in the car or at the office with no shower. I told him to take a bag to the free breakfast and steal all the bagels.....of course, he had to leave before breakfast to get to the office before 7am. Oh darn. The important thing is that he is safe and got a good nights sleep....but we did miss him.
Here is Sebastian looking perplexed by the mess the twin tornados have created in the house. After we had pretty much resigned ourselves to the fact that our house probably wouldn't sell until next year....we got a call. A message for Michael at work really, when he was with a patient and couldn't answer. We had gotten a very low, horrible offer...but in it there was some hope. Hope that our counter offer, which is 100,000 dollars less than what our house is appraised at, will be accepted so that we can move. Who knows if they were just testing our limits, if they were vultures trying to get a bargain or if they really can't afford more than what was offered, but only time will tell. We hope, hope and pray, pray that this is it. Although, just yesterday 4 of the properties we were closely following for ourselves were sold, maybe bad luck, who knows, there are still plenty of options. There are about 4 in the area which still spark my interest and one with a pool and spa which would be lucky. I guess we will see what is left when our house actually sells. I just hope this isn't false hope. I hope that these people are serious and take the more than generous offer that we are willing to give.
This picture I like to call, "A boy and His Dog and....some French's Spicy Brown Mustard." Ben and Jagr have such the smirks/smiles on their faces. I don't know what is going on there. Now, when Ben is in the kitchen, not only does he empty the pantry, he also has learned to turn on the dishwasher. He points at the garbage and diaper genie and wags his finger no and says, "Ca-ca!" Probably because when there is something I don't want them to touch I say, "No, no. Dirty, Dirty, ca-ca." And, I think for the most part that they get my point.
I had to include this picture because I think it is almost commercial quality. Who wouldn't buy mustard from this kid. I would send it in to the company if only the photographer had gotten a better picture of the label in this view. If all else fails, maybe I have got a multimillion dollar child model. Next stop, My Bologna has a first name, it's OSCAR.......hehe

Take care and God willing, I will have good news next time (pray, pray, pray),

Oct 19, 2007

Boooooo! Tagged......

So, after my warning.....that I hate these insipid taggings and chain letters........I have been tagged. Heather B, if you wake up sore this I hope you is my foot planted in your buttocks! I can't believe you did this to me!


Substitute Elementary School Yard Supervisor
Blockbuster Video CSR, CRC....4 yrs ouch!
H.S. Science Teacher - JFK- Integrated Sciences, Conceptual Physics (Gen and Sheltered)
H.S. Alternative School Instructor - Ombudsman- All Subjects
Substitute teacher- All Grades- Longterm- K-2


Huntington Beach, CA
Richmond, CA
Pinole, CA
So. Cal

----Most Foods, here are a few
CHINESE - for you Heather B. baby, all for you
Adobo, Lumpia, filipino Beefsteak
fast food

Moving to Apple Valley
With all my family and friends in one place (but not my funeral)

---Too many to count! From the girl with a movie collection over 1000
Dirty Dancing
Nightmare on Elm St. (1,3 and 4)
Halloween (1,2, H2O and remake)
St. Elmo's Fire
Pretty in Pink/16 Candles etc.
Imitation of Life
Pretty Woman
So I Married an Axe Murderer
---I am all over the place with this.....too hard to choose less than 100

Brothers & Sisters
How I Met Your Mother
Kitchen Nightmares
...missing Life With Brian, Gilmore Girls, Dead Like Me, Sex & the City, Friends and on and on

Now, it would make me a hypocrite to pick just a few people if I was upset about this little exercise. Haha. So....
All those voting Democrat in the next election....j/k
Faithful readers (something very much deniable if you do not comment, hehe)
Anyone reading this and wearing black underwear or none at all...hmmmm
If you enjoy Chinese on Friday nights....
Anyone who I was miffed at last night.......Michael, do you have a blog yet....

Okay, I am done amusing myself and I am sure boring you all. Sigh of relief for all of you who thought I would tag you and didn't. If you have time to waste and want to be tagged, go ahead and let me know and I will certainly help you out.

Love ya all (even if or especially if you fit in my list 'o the tagged!)

Oct 14, 2007

A Weekend with Nonny and Papa J

We had a grand time. We had Nonny and Papa J over and visited with GGNON and Uncle Steve too.

It was a fun weekend in the Cruz household. Nonny and Papa J came down Thursday night for a three day weekend visit. Not only is it nice to have some adult company, the babies love their grandparents. It is hard to imagine the kids being spoiled anymore than Mike and I already spoil them, but when you throw grandparents in the mix, it is a whole other level of crazy. We met Mike for lunch at his office and got the grand tour. The staff was very much in love at first sight. The boys once inside the office, walked the premises as if they owned the place and were hard at work going in and out of open patient rooms. Future chiros I suspect! Mama, don't let your sons grow up to be chiros......

Here is my wonderful mommy holding Benny. She will always have a strong connection with my boys after all she went through. We are thankful for her full recovery and it is so nice to see what a bond the boys have developed with their Nonny and Papa. I think it is all the love and attention that they get, but the Halloween gifts didn't hurt either.
Here is another one of Nonny and the boys. Sure, they still don't say Mama much or Nonny for that matter, but Seb added another word that he could repeat over and over again. "Papa" is one of his new favorites. So now, the day goes with Dada, car (driving the steering wheel motion), car (car noise), hands in the air as if to ask a question. Next, it shifts to Jagr and then to Papa. Dada, Jagr, Papa, over and over. Where is that Mama boys?

Here is my little Benny eating a Protein Bar.....yes, you heard right, a protein bar. In one of his rearranging the cupboard sessions, he spied a protein bar. Don't know how long we've had it as it wasn't our brand and wasn't very appealing to either of us adult peoples. Well, you turn away for a second and the smarty pants has it open and is engulfing it. I thought there would be no way that he'd like it whatsoever. I was wrong. This episode ended in me having to take it away....he had just finished a big lunch and then wanted to eat a huge calorie rich block of protein......sorry dude. What a cry that evoked. Like I had done the most mean thing in the world. So, now we know a good alternative to donuts in the treat category.....who would have guessed it?
And here is Sebby dancing away and giving a little shake and point in his Nonny's direction. This kid is all about the dancing lately. Any music will do. I can sing; it can be music on a show; it can even be music on a commercial. What a happy little boy!
And, I will end with a picture of me and Sebby. Okay, no make up and the angle makes my face look almost fiendishly pointy, but hey, at least we are both smiling in this one. Don't you just want to pinch those cheeks....his anyway. I told Mike to take pics from this angle more often, I didn't know gaining five pounds could make my face look so thin! Now, if only I could find a favorable angle for the rest of me.

Keep it fun everyone!