Jan 24, 2008

Please let's make it to Valentine's Day

As usual, things are busy around here. We are in escrow again and trying to make an offer on a new house. We are making repairs and hoping that we make it to closing, right before Valentine's Day. To top it off, poor husband o' mine got into a crash, wrecking his Audi on the way home last night. There was snow over the pass and his brakes froze and we are lucky that he wasn't physically injured, minus the usual car accident soreness. Let's hope that is our only little bit of misfortune for the rest of the year!

Here is my guy holding Sebby. Sebastian has amazed me lately and is really starting to widen his vocabulary. Of course, the last sound of the word doesn't come out just right, but he is getting there. His latest triumph is the word "more" which comes out without a full "r" sound, kinda like the old Oliver Twist movies. This "more" has replaced the very male grunting that he used to use to tell me he wanted a refill. No longer a cave man, he knows that it is hard for mama to deny his request when his little angel voice asks for more. Sebastian has also fallen in love with cows. It is his favorite animal by far and he often "moos" around and gets excited when anything cow is in a book or on the TV. The baas and quacks are now in a far second place. Of course, not even the cow can compete with cars and balls. And just yesterday, he sat me down and took my finger and pointed to my "eyeee", "no--", "head", "eearaa" and "bell butta". The boys can point out almost anything you can ask them to, but the words are now starting to come together as well.
Now, Benny....he is just as smart. He is definitely more into figuring things out and is really a trouble shooter. He can rig any situation to get what he wants. He is heavily into the snaps, velcro and zippers of anything he can find. My living room pillows are not safe with his constant zipping and unzipping. I try to remember not to put the shirts with snaps on his brother otherwise he is constantly snapping and unsnapping them to Seb's disgust. Ben speaks, but is shy when Sebby is participating too. With only one of me, when we are going over a book and pointing things out, Sebby is the dominant one. He will push his brother out of the way and answer first. If Ben is by himself, he will answer just fine, but Seb is a monopolizer. I was undecided before, but I think they may have to be in separate classrooms when older so that they both can shine. For, even if I give Ben a chance, he will look at his brother and let Sebby answer first.
I really think Benny will be a model. He loves the camera. He smiles right away and says Cheese....I know, I might as well be the paparazzi with all the pictures I take. Sebby isn't into the picture taking thing as much, but Ben loves it. If I try to convince Sebby to smile for a picture too long, Ben starts smiling and demands, "Cheese! Cheese! Cheese!" until I put the camera back on him. What a Ham!
And to end on a positive note, here is my Benny yesterday enjoying what is left of his lunch. Sometimes peanut butter and jelly is eaten and sometimes it makes for a good play toy. Ben eats his pb& j crackers like oreos mostly. Pull them apart and lick, lick, lick. Who cares about the crackers once the good stuff has been sucked off.
Sebastian wasn't too keen on the Boysenberry jelly. He ate some, but mostly crumbled and smashed his crackers in disgust. He did end up eating some as you can see by his jelly goatee. All that mess making makes a boy hungry. He couldn't help but eat after all that hard work.

So, everyone....cross your fingers for us. Pray for us. We really hope that everything goes well and that there are no more speed bumps in the road for awhile, a long while. Hey.....at least we are a happy family. Who couldn't be after looking at these smiling faces everyday? We must be doing something right with such healthy and happy boys.

Jan 6, 2008

Great Holiday Season.....Now back to Reality

I hope that everyone had a great holiday. We had a wonderful time going back home for Christmas. The boys met everyone under the sun and charmed the pants off of them all....not literally, thank goodness (not that kind of party).

Here is Sebby with his first car.....an Audi of course. I think Daddy is trying to rub off on him. Santa and the grandparents were too kind to our boys this year for their first American Christmas. In fact, my parents had to drive back with us and their minivan was literally full from front to back with gifts. We were planning to save many of them until we move, but the stinky buyer pulled out of escrow with only 2 weeks to go and have left us back in the limbo of trying to sell in this yucky market. At least we have each other to make it through this trying time.This smile melts all the worries away. Benny is just the cutest little guy, even just in pajamas and slippers at his Nonny and Papa's house. Those Mickey Mouse slippers are the only things that Ben will keep on his feet....socks and shoes are chucked aside even in the cold weather. Happy Kids= Happy Mommy, no matter what is going on in the grown up world.

After enjoying a wonderful Christmas Eve and Christmas, we were able to get the boys baptized at St. Patrick's church. It was a wonderful occasion to share with our family and friends. The boys were not all too keen about staying still for the service nor allowing the priest the ritual with oils and water, but we all survived.
Here is Benny and myself.....he is a wiggle worm even before the service. I must say though, my three dudes were all very handsome in their suits.
I think that Sebby is laughing here, although it may look like he is about to cry. He is all about the fake laugh now-a-days. Funny little man in a three piece suit.
Of course, after the ceremony as the family posed for about a million pictures, Ben was running happily through the chapel. No one can keep up with him......look at him go.
Here are my other two guys. All dressed up for the camera. It was a great day indeed.The reception rocked too. Here is the beautiful cake that my wonderful hubby picked out for the boys at the same place that did our wedding cake. It tasted as good as it looks.....but cost almost as much as the entire reception.....It was worth it though.
My boys love their Chinese Food, so it was fitting to have their reception at a place where they can drown in Chow Mein. They each had two big plates piled high with noodles and donuts by the time they were finished. They also loved running around the establishment as the family visited.
We have now arrived home. The hope and thrill of a move is dead for now. Michael is back to driving 3 hrs every day.....we really miss him after having him with us for the week. But, it is nice to be home. It is nice to settle back into our routine. We are grateful to have each other and that is all that really matters in this life.