Jul 6, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

All hope of ever catching my blog up are futile. I have a sneaking suspicion that I will never actually attain such a feat. But, here we go anyway.

Memorial Day Weekend we went up north to visit the parentals. The boys can't get enough of the attention. A weekend full of two sets of grandparents who don't get nearly enough time with their grand kids on a regular basis leads to a lot of fun for the grand kids. We spent a lot of time with both sets of parents. We all ate too much. We went to a softball game where my old High School was playing for the championship. This gave a chance for my mom to show off her grand babies to all of her friends in the softball world. One of the cool things about this was that I was able to meet Willie McGee....baseball great who once played for the A's and Giants. His daughter plays in the league and so my mom has gotten to know him rather well. He is a very nice guy and I hope his hand shake gave the boys a little baseball magic.

How could I forget the boys' favorite part of our trip. First on the agenda was Pixie Playland, a toddler amusement park. The boys loved it and blew through ride tickets at an astounding pace. Of course, there was a train that went around the park. There was a tunnel and ducks and a lot to do geared especially to their age range. The boys loved it!

They had cars for the boys to drive. That was a ride it was hard to convince them to stray from. We also went on two roller coasters. The boys were not so sure how to feel about those. One was a dragon with big hills. I really underestimated how fast it could go. The boys didn't cry, but I don't think that Ben has ever clung to me so tight as he did on that ride. After the first go round I was hoping it was over. Of course, we went around three times before the attendant stopped the ride. Now, I love roller coasters. I have ridden them as long as I could remember. But, that dragon was kinda freaky. I don't know if I was scared because of the company I kept or because it was really all that fast or because of the surprise of how fast it came to be, but......I was glad that they didn't circle around to ride that thing again. When asked if the dragon was fun, Seb without hesitation said,"Yes....but, it was soooo fassssss. I get too scared. Fassss. Fassss. I done."

The boys also rode in this plane ride that not only goes around, but they control it going up and down. I was quite nervous with this one because we couldn't ride with them. I was secretly thinking.....What if they want off and jump out as the ride is high up in the air? I think the terror had tears in my eyes....I am an overprotective wimp when it comes to my babies, you know. Of course, they were fine. No daredevil antics. Ben didn't care for it all that much, but again, didn't protest. Seb, once he learned the controls, took the plane high up in the air. He liked it a lot and decided to return to the plane a couple more times. Brother did not ride it again however and promptly returned to the cars which were safely on the ground at all times. All in all, it was a very nice weekend.