Oct 14, 2007

A Weekend with Nonny and Papa J

We had a grand time. We had Nonny and Papa J over and visited with GGNON and Uncle Steve too.

It was a fun weekend in the Cruz household. Nonny and Papa J came down Thursday night for a three day weekend visit. Not only is it nice to have some adult company, the babies love their grandparents. It is hard to imagine the kids being spoiled anymore than Mike and I already spoil them, but when you throw grandparents in the mix, it is a whole other level of crazy. We met Mike for lunch at his office and got the grand tour. The staff was very much in love at first sight. The boys once inside the office, walked the premises as if they owned the place and were hard at work going in and out of open patient rooms. Future chiros I suspect! Mama, don't let your sons grow up to be chiros......

Here is my wonderful mommy holding Benny. She will always have a strong connection with my boys after all she went through. We are thankful for her full recovery and it is so nice to see what a bond the boys have developed with their Nonny and Papa. I think it is all the love and attention that they get, but the Halloween gifts didn't hurt either.
Here is another one of Nonny and the boys. Sure, they still don't say Mama much or Nonny for that matter, but Seb added another word that he could repeat over and over again. "Papa" is one of his new favorites. So now, the day goes with Dada, car (driving the steering wheel motion), car (car noise), hands in the air as if to ask a question. Next, it shifts to Jagr and then to Papa. Dada, Jagr, Papa, over and over. Where is that Mama boys?

Here is my little Benny eating a Protein Bar.....yes, you heard right, a protein bar. In one of his rearranging the cupboard sessions, he spied a protein bar. Don't know how long we've had it as it wasn't our brand and wasn't very appealing to either of us adult peoples. Well, you turn away for a second and the smarty pants has it open and is engulfing it. I thought there would be no way that he'd like it whatsoever. I was wrong. This episode ended in me having to take it away....he had just finished a big lunch and then wanted to eat a huge calorie rich block of protein......sorry dude. What a cry that evoked. Like I had done the most mean thing in the world. So, now we know a good alternative to donuts in the treat category.....who would have guessed it?
And here is Sebby dancing away and giving a little shake and point in his Nonny's direction. This kid is all about the dancing lately. Any music will do. I can sing; it can be music on a show; it can even be music on a commercial. What a happy little boy!
And, I will end with a picture of me and Sebby. Okay, no make up and the angle makes my face look almost fiendishly pointy, but hey, at least we are both smiling in this one. Don't you just want to pinch those cheeks....his anyway. I told Mike to take pics from this angle more often, I didn't know gaining five pounds could make my face look so thin! Now, if only I could find a favorable angle for the rest of me.

Keep it fun everyone!

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Heather said...

YOu look just like your mom! I'm glad you guys had a fun weekend together. I thought how skinney you looked in that last picture.. your comments about it were so funny. Hey I wish I had any picture that made any part of me look skinny!!