Dec 20, 2007

Happy Holidays

It's the most wonderful time of year. Knock on wood, we have enjoyed much success in many areas of our lives that were weighing on our minds. Now we are preparing to go back home for the holidays for a busy week of showing the boys off, getting them christened and seeing our family. We haven't been home forever and are really looking forward to this year's festivities. We will also take the boys for a tour of our college campus where we first met and fell in love (gag inserted here). We will see what kind of experiments we can cook up for them in the science lab too, ya-hoo!!!!! Back to the week at hand though. Mike's co-employees had a party at Chuck E Cheese and the boys did amazingly well and had a great time.

They were big boys sitting without a high chair in the booth and ate their hot dog, fries and mandarin oranges off of a big boy plate. I was so impressed. It was hard to take good pictures with them running around like crazy, but here is what I managed. Ben liked the Teletubby rider, but not as much as the Merry go Round or Chuck E. Jeep that is not pictured. He didn't like taking turns with the other children and cried when he had to move to a different vehicle, but he got over it. He was so tired by the time we left that he insisted I rub his legs and feet all the way home (a 1.5 hr drive twisted from front seat to back). What I am willing to do for my dudes.
Here is Seb, the first time the airplane started to shake. He was leary about the turbulance at first, but insisted on riding this one 5 more times. We are happy to say though, we survived Chuck E. Cheese without a migraine and even if we had gotten one, it would have been worth it to see the boys having so much fun.
This is a pretty short blog as I have so much to do before we leave and I probably won't be blogging until we return around New Year's. So, Happy Holidays everyone!
I promise some great pictures of our vacation in our next blog. Take care everyone and don't forget to tip your Santa on the way out.

See you next year!
Okay, even Ben thought that last joke was, oh mom, stop it already, you are embarrassing me! He, he.

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