Feb 13, 2008

The beginning of something special.....we hope

Hey everyone,
So, we are officially mortgage free. I prefer that phrase to homeless at the moment. We spent the last couple of days, endless days, horrible packing and cleaning and cramming days, moving out. I was so busy, I didn't have a chance to feel the gravity of it all. Of course, the boys were real champs even though their schedules were disrupted and their momma barely got a wink of sleep. I went through so much Monster that my system is now having a hard time correcting itself. Leaving last night, I felt that twinge for the first time. That twinge of leaving our first home, the boys first home with us and a pretty darn good start for us for the last 4.5 years. My doggies are staying with the inlaws and we are missing them like crazy too. The hotel is actually very good (we decided to upgrade so it is really the same as a mortgage payment). Every morning we have started a new breakfast ritual. We get up early with Daddy and go down to the hotel restaurant for breakfast. Everything we need is there....cereal, eggs, sausage and the boys very favorite: the french toast sticks with syrup. My favorite is the coffee as now I am giving up on the energy drink crutch and replacing it with something just as leathal. Oh to be back with my closet of diet coke....
We have a line on another house. We are guardedly optimistic as we have lost out on two other houses we were trying to buy. If nothing else, the market is flooded so we will keep on trying until it happens for us. It is a funny thing though. Talk to any realtor and they will say that nothing is selling here. Now, two properties in a row we bid on has gotten other offers....Who is spying on me???? Stop please because as nice as living in this hotel is (even though we don't have a babysitter for Karyoke Tuesday) we want to move into our new house. The boys deserve it. I have to admit though, having Daddy home for breakfast and lunch and before bedtime is already a treat. Things are coming together. We are just waiting for the finishing touch. We have faith that our house will come. Until then, I will see this as what it is...a pseudo vacation with no cooking and cleaning.
Wish I could post some pictures, but am on my little lap top in the room and it is no where near what our desktop at home is.
Take care,
I hope to write again with good news soon. And pictures if we can actually win a bid.


Heather & Adam said...

I can't believe it! You guys are living the Suite life. Hehe.
Your comment cracked me up. I love that episode...Crap Bag. Maybe I can use it as a nickname? KIDDING.
I can't wait to hear some great house news. I need a place to visit ya. Hehe...Make sure I have my own room, k? I hope you guys are having a blast. This is a great adventure for you!
Love you!

Heather said...

Good luck with the house hunting and bidding! Also I hope everything goes well living in the hotel!