Jul 29, 2008

An Earthshakingly Great Day

The year long quest to get the boys readopted has now come to completion. Ben and Seb are now really Ben and Seb and are one step closer to becoming American citizens. Yes folks, CA has finally recognized our adoption and the year's tasks were more than worth it!

We got up early to make it to the courthouse on time. My parents as well as grandmother would make the day extra special. In fact, we got there 1.5 hrs early as I am a worrier, and would not miss this date because of flat tire or crazy mishap. This did give us time to make our way to Krispy Kremes for a little pre-court donut and coffee refreshment. Then, on to the courthouse. We were starting to get worried as our appointment time approached and the halls filled with dozens of families. Luckily, we were first on the schedule and wouldn't have to wait long.

We were sworn in, signed the paperwork and the baliff was kind enough to take several pictures. Before leaving the courtroom, the court staff cheered the finalization of our adoption.
Once exiting the courtroom, all of the other families cheered and congratulated us. I am not sure if that was partly because they were eager to get onto their turn.
Even the powers that be were excited. How do we know this you ask? Because there was a pretty wild earthquake, of course. No one was hurt, but it was a kind of funny end to a long and drawn out struggle.
The day would end with a celebration at Chuck E. Cheese, the boys' favorite. We would also go home to enjoy some ice cream and pie. It was a day to remember. One that will be close to our heart as long as we live, even if somewhat of a formality. Now, on to the COC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Frasier Family said...

YIPEE! What a great day.


Heather & Adam said...

So happy for you guys!! The boys are getting so big and even more handsome. Yay for family!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys, Congratulations! YOU all look so great and so happy. Cindy cute hair you look so good. The boys are getting so dang cute! I always thought of an arranged marriage for Liv with Girum but really I think I may have to include Ben and Seb too. I just wish I could see them more. So when is our Vegas trip? We really need to get the kids together!

Anonymous said...

what is this, you are not allowed to go to vegas without me

Heather & Adam said...

You look hot in a suit!