Nov 12, 2008

Family and Friends: A Great Weekend

So, with my run of luck lately, I didn't hold much hope for the weekend. We had plenty to do, but I was only guardedly optimistic. We had the CHS LA area picnic to attend and a whole group of family coming in from Friday through Tuesday just for a nice visit. Of course, a couple days before this very busy weekend got underway, the four of us got colds and I didn't know if we would make it to the picnic that we were so anxiously awaiting. But, alas, not wanting to be stuck with a potluck sized portion of hummus, we made our way to Culver City and were glad we did. The fresh air and warmer temperatures were good for both our bad moods and sickly condition.
The boys had a grand time playing on the swings and play structures and running in the endless green fields. It was great to meet Kristina, the CHS social worker who had been so wonderful during our process-- who put up with our thinly veiled exuses for emails which were attempts to see when a referral may be coming and who was the one that actually called when we were notified/surprised with our twin angels. In between chasing our energetic duo, we got to hang out with some of the coolest people known to man. I can never get enough of Lauren and Marley and now I can stalk JCMarie as well. So exciting to be a part of such a cool crowd. We were able to meet and put faces to people from the forum that we knew only as cryptic usernames and not as actual people. It was a really great time, even if a chocolate chip cookie and too much juice ended up as poop on my pants (not my poop...I said on, not in....- a gift poop from Seb, okay). We were sad to leave, but with all the excitement of several hours at the park and multiple people to visit with, Ben was overwhelmed and exhausted. He needed the long ride home to nap and recharge his batteries. When the tantrum tidal wave hits, it is time to run for cover.
So, it was back home to visit with my Aunt Evelyn, in town from AZ for a business trip. Also visiting were my parents from the Bay Area and my Nonny from down the hill. As I have said before, I love when my mommy is visiting because not only are the boys spoiled....I am completely spoiled as well. It is like Christmas come early with having help with the boys and help with the chores and help with the cooking......not to mention a big prime rib dinner that only mom can make. We also had fun playing American Idol on the PS3. Michael always wins, but it is fun to try to sing these songs only for Simon to tell you that you are hopelessly terrible. Although, I do feel bad when some of the less talented family members get the boot even from Paula. Now, that is really sad.

The latest and greatest with the boys are as follows. Sebastian has really been into role playing as a baby. He comes over and says,"Baby, Baby." He climbs into my arms and I rock him back and forth. He then will close his eyes and fake snore with a huge smile. Then he tells me to do the "Gucci Gucci Goooo". I tickle his chin with those silly words and he laughs and laughs. Ben has taken to making me exercise my arms. He comes over and fashions my hands into a makeshift butt seat. He sits and wants me to lift up and down. The trick is in the balance and being able to do it more than a couple times without my arms falling off. The real problem occurs when Seb gets jealous and wants to do the same thing. I definitely can't lift one butt per hand, but Seb is so solid, I can barely get a couple of lifts with two hands when he has successfully pushed his brother off my lap. It is good excercise though as the old lady arm fat accumulating under my arms can use a little minimization.
The boys are also fascinated with putting their toys to bed.....all day long. Whether the giraffe from the animal train or the wonder pets or tow mater, they bring said toy over to the bed, tuck it soundly in and give it a kiss on the head or snout. They then wave bye bye and throw kisses. Sometimes they lie next to the toy and stroke it while it lays under the covers. After leaving it for a few minutes they return to check that it hasn't moved. Then it is thrown overboard and a different toy is put to bed in its stead. Also, Cars has made a return in the DVD player. For a while I had been given a break. I couldn't remember the last time I had to watch it. The boys have too many videos and had actually gotten to a point where I wasn't watching the same one everyday. Although, in picking the video, I would have to go through almost every one before one or the other twin said yes instead of no. Then getting them to agree....a whole separate issue. For awhile I could get the "Ein--eins" in there which was victory because they would usually let me pick which of the eight or so Einsteins to watch instead of repeating over and over the same story. But, now Cars is the favorite again. And they oooohhhh and ahhhhh and scream crash and run in place and get excited like it is all new again. Plus, Ben asks for Cars by name. No going through a collection only for them to pick the last one I offer. Cars it is....again.

So, I leave you with a picture from the picnic courtesy of JCMarie. I had forgotten my camera in our hurry out of the house, so I am glad to have a memory or two of such a fun day, even if I looked half crazed. Lauren looks to really be enjoying herself though.....but that probably has more to do with the cookie than something I am saying. And of course, Marley is as cute as ever. Can't wait to meet up with everyone at the end of the month again. Good times.

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Heather & Adam said...

That looks like so much fun! I really am jealous, even of the weather. It's all gloomy here right now.
The boys sound like they are a blast. You're a better woman than me for the arm lifts. I would probably just fall over.