May 12, 2008

One Kick "Butt" Mother's Day

So, this is technically my second Mommy's Day with the boys. But, I have to admit that it feels like the first. I barely remember the actual first because we were still jet-lagged, trying to learn how to be parents and my eyes were still partially swollen shut from the pink eye. Not that it wasn't special mind you....because I was finally a mother. Before I had dreaded Mother's Day...almost as much as I dreaded Valentine's Day when I was single. A very painful reminder of what I didn't have or couldn't have every year. So, that was definitely over last year because I was very grateful to have two little boys to call my sons, but I couldn't take full advantage of the day which I see as the ultimate excuse to just do nothing for once. Not that this doesn't just delay things until the next day. Any dishes not washed or laundry not done do not magically disappear and will be twice the work tomorrow.....but an excuse for procrastination is always welcomed.

My first Mother's Day gift last year was a double stroller....thanks honey...what a gift for me, huh? Mike is not the romantic gift giver he once was (showing up at my college classroom every week with long stem roses)....and of course, this year he didn't buy a gift...which was just fine. I don't need a stroller or blender and I have two vacuum cleaners and mostly laminate floor anyway. I will try not to sound too materialistic and admit that the best gift of all is for us to spend all day as a family. And the money that would go to some crazy gift could allow us to do whatever we want as an outing. It is nice to have an outing once and a while you know and luckily, one of his patients gave me/us a great Mom's Day gift. He handed over his four tickets to the Dodger's Game (probably because his wife had forbidden him to go), but I love baseball and so it was a great excuse to take the boys to their first MLB game.
So, we did it big. Now, I do feel like quite the sell out because I am a SF Giants fan and hate the Dodgers. I grew up in Candlestick park watching Dodgers fans get beat up in the bathrooms and thrown over the railings to the bottom decks. We threw gum on their seats and expletives were the norm. Of course, when I wear Giants gear to Chavez Ravine, I expect no less treatment and had some scary moments in turn. What a rivalry! And, we are no longer in SF and the owners in SF are not tops on my list anymore, so, I decided to sell out.....maybe just for the day......and hand down to my boys a love of the game. A pure love for the national league baseball and if that had to be in Dodger town, we would bleed dodger blue. We would go all out. We would have our matching Russell Martin jersey shirts and hats and would be good dodger fans booing the Astros and cheering the bums.
Many would call our bringing twin 2 yr olds to a ballgame crazy. And I agree, I was fearful. But, we had 4 seats and we could leave at anytime (hey, it was only a dodger game). I am glad to report though, that the boys had a great time. They watched a bit of the game. We had great seats, even though in the upper deck it was right behind home plate with a good amount of sun and shade. Ben took in a good portion of the game sitting quietly on Daddy's lap. Seb was busier. Standing in front of the seats, dancing to the in between inning music and sitting on Mommy's lap here and there. They loved seeing birds fly by (we were fairly high in the sky). Seb made friends with every person he could sitting around us. Every time the crowd cheered, Seb would pop up with a proud smile and clap as if they were cheering for him. Not short on confidence, my son. They thought the wave was great. They loved the beach balls that were smacked about from fan to fan and Sebby got to hit it twice. But, most of all, they loved.......

the food. We didn't even get to the Dodger Dogs which are very tastey I must say. We didn't get the fries or the chicken strips. We were junk food junkies at this game. We started with a helmet full of popcorn and some churros and we added some frozen lemonade to the mix. We oogled the snow cones and the cotton candy and mommy so wanted the dreyers ice cream as well. It was Mother's Day so we didn't worry about the crazy pricing mark ups and just had a good time. The boys picked out a Dodger's Bat and Ball set which I am sure will have to be confiscated later as I don't think the dogs will like being poked with them.
We stayed until the 7th inning. We could have stayed longer and I did stay until the no-hitter was broken up, but not long enough to see the Dodgers blow it and lose, hehe. The boys liked the experience, but we were parked miles away and wanted to beat the traffic. Now, being a real baseball fan....I would never leave a game before it was over....but this was a Dodger's game so I didn't feel as bad doing it. It was a long trek to the car, but the boys were troopers. We carried them some, they walked some, we carried them some, they walked some and then we were at our car and making our way home with no problem. They slept in the car after their day of excitement and by the time we got home, it was dinner time and Mommy's don't cook on Mother's they?

So, we decided to go out for dinner. Of course, with no reservation, our options were limited and we decided to go to our favorite fast foodish Chinese Food restaurant. A ton of great food for a low price was the best thing after the pricing at the game. The boys love their Chinese Food too and Sebastian as usual charmed all the other patrons. Every single table of people had to stop to say goodbye or comment on our smiley, happy, handsome boys on their way out. And if we hadn't gained enough weight or spent enough money yet, we ended the day by going to Baskin Robbins for dessert. Of course, I was so stuffed, I barely touched my ice cream creation until later that night while I sat glued to the Survivor Finale. It was a good day.

And after this very shallow recall of my day....I do want to say that I know what is important. I can have a day like this....a day focused on nothing and doing absolutely nothing of substance and be happy about it because I have these two amazing boys to love and who love me. All day, I had my two boys spontaneously coming over to me with a smile and putting their arms around me and kissing me and giggling with joy and happiness. Without that, none of this would mean anything....would be enjoyable. Because I have the love of my boys and because I work so hard to make my boys happy everyday of the year....I don't feel bad in having a day to just have a day. Because of my boys and their love and their happiness......
My mother's day was kick booty!


Heather & Adam said...

I'm so happy you guys had such a wonderful day! Your post made me hungry, though! Hehe.
Oh, can you believe she won??

Anonymous said...

HoHo China?!!

gr8dc2b said...

No, better than Ho Ho China! Cheaper and lots more food, if you can believe it.

Anonymous said...

Loved your post!! However, I do bleed Dodger blue, and grew up going to all the games with my mom and dad and sister. I love my memories of those games together! You deserved a great mothers day! It sounded perfect to me. The boys look so good.

SO when are we going to meet up? Las Vegas? Cali? Or Here in good old Utah? We'll have to pick a weekend! Hope you guys are great!