May 4, 2008

This week last year - Day 7-

Even though we were not leaving reminded us that the vacation was almost over....our real lives were just around the corner. There were only a few things to do on this day and for most families, it was a day to prep their luggage and begin their travels home. In the morning there was to be a braiding class and Ethiopian cooking class. We didn't get to see much of either. The staff member that was sent over to assist in translation was a nurse from the care center and one of Seb's favorite people on the earth. As soon as he saw her walk through the was as if the progress of the last couple of days melted away. It didn't help that if Seb even whimpered, this compassionate woman would take him into her arms and coo until he was all giggles again. It wasn't that we could blame her or get mad, but we needed to create that space and boundary so that Seb could be happy with he was the day before. Mike took Seb to the swing outside (as you probably can tell by was Seb's favorite place). Keeping the distance minimized the damage, but it meant we couldn't take full advantage of the instruction offered.

Later that day, I had the scare of my life and it made me feel like an awful parent. We put the boys down for a nap in our room in the little portable toddler beds. Our room was a stone's throw from the front room so I sat on the couch and listened for a whimper or cry. Mike decided to go with the other's on a tour Massi was giving of the new new guesthouse which would be first opened with the new group coming in this week for overflow guests. The staff was moving all of the beds from the office, which in the early days of the program used to double as a guesthouse to this new guesthouse. So, I was alone, but felt I could handle the sleeping twins. So I sat in the front room, not really paying attention to the soccer game on the TV waiting for the boys to awake. Finally I heard a cry and went in. Benny was awake, but there was no sign of Seb. I looked around....had Michael come back and taken him to the swing without me noticing. I looked outside - there was no one. I ran around the common areas - no baby. I asked the other visitors if they had seen Mike...had he come back....had anyone come back. They said they didn't think so. I was in panic mode now. Running about with Ben in my arms and looking for Seb. The craziest thoughts went through my head and I didn't want to scream out too loudly because I felt so inadequate to have already lost track of my kid. Finally I went into the Bailey's room to take a look as I was going to go room to room at this point. And there was Seb. By the closet, sucking on a rather large screw. I felt horrible. How did he make it there without me seeing or hearing? I felt lucky that he didn't come to harm. This was a great ushering into parenthood.

The other families packed up their things and got ready to leave. We had a picture taking and said our goodbyes. We had exchanged information so that we could keep in touch and we have. For only knowing people for a is amazing how quickly we have become friends. We still frequently communicate and share our lives with eachother----the good, bad and ugly. I am thankful for each and every friendship we made that week. Whether it be for advice from the wise and practiced members or commiseration on similar issues, they have really helped me through this process of becoming a parent. I can't wait until the reunion :) I just hope that if we ever go through this process again, we can be so lucky. But, does lightning strike twice? What are the chances we can all go through it again at the same time? That would be perfect, haha!

Mike had to take a ride with the group to go pick up the twins documents-birth certificates and passports and immigration paperwork. Since he was in the minibus, he would have to make all stops before coming home - that meant the Hotel and the airport. I was nervous again about watching the boys...this time they were awake and all over the place. I wanted to finish moving our stuff to the Bailey's room before the next group arrived. We needed the space even though it was only for a couple of days. Luckily, the SD couple volunteered to help out. They were great with the boys and their girls weren't at the guesthouse as of yet so they didn't mind. The time flew by as I finished moving our stuff and then spent time with the boys and visited with our CA compadres. I changed my first poopy diaper of the trip since Mike was not there. He will never let me forget that he was the diaper duty man on our trip. I was so freaked out about the concept of changing the diapers (I get nervous doing things I have never done before...or was that my excuse), but I left that to him. For the trip all the way through the plane ride it was his job and he didn't complain.... well not too much. But, over the last year.....with him working so much and me being the SAHM, I think I more than surpassed his totals. But, every time, even as of late....I complain about a diaper.....Michael says he has a get out of jail free card. He did the dirty work on the trip so he is exempt. I don't know if it works that way, and I don't know if that is quite fair.....but it is what it is. My husband getting out of dirty diapers duty now, by bringing up one week in the past year. But, I do have to agree that that one week is the most important week in our lives, so maybe it does work that way.

Michael and Massi returned with pizza and ice cream which we all enjoyed. We went to bed, already missing our travel group and getting ready to meet the next. And of course, the night was a night of interupted sleep and poop everywhere. The spice of life!

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