Jun 25, 2008

Blogging to Improve Mood

Finally the county has said they approve of our file and paperwork. No more driving forever to our old stomping grounds every week for this piece of paper or that. We have our courtdate to readopt/refinalize.......finally after what is almost a year. Can you believe our whole Et adoption process took less time (9 mos) than CA (1yr). What is up with that?? Anyway, fingers crossed the actual court date goes well. It is Tues. July 29th. Anyone who would like to celebrate or lend their support, feel free to email so that I can give you the particulars. Family and friends are very welcome....hope to see you all there. (Ms. Heather Bean.......it would be captain fantastic if you would drag yourself over here and give birth in the middle of the process....how cool would that be, really?....as long as we didn't have to postpone the process any longer I suppose.)

Hi All. It hasn't been all too long since my last post, but I had some pictures sitting around in the ole camera and it always cheers me up so I will put pen to paper....or finger to keyboard in this case just to keep on keepin on. So, I sit here tired out of my gourde - my own stupid fault. I got all 3 netflix movies yesterday. Watched 10,000 B.C. (Mike's pick) and it was good. There was a little time left before bed and so I popped in Californication Season 1. Didn't know much about it going in but the title entrigued me and Showtime and HBO shows are the best so I figured I'd watch a few episodes and decide whether I liked it or not. Well, I liked it a little too much and didn't stop watching until I had seen the entire season. This took me into the wee hours of the morning. Not too smart.

Little did I know that I would get an uber headache and the fun from the arrival of my endometrievil today. As if that wasn't enough, the boys decided to get the poops and be super terrible two-sy as well. I am miserable and if that wasn't enough, I found that two of my bills got lost in the mail last month and so I was trying to straighten that mess out during naptime. So, I need to look at my pictures and blog a little to take my mind off things. Hope this works, otherwise I will be hittin' the liquor. No need to front right. Not that it is the perfect fix, but when the advil might as well be a gummy bear......what can I do.
Here are my boys watching racing. Since we have the DVR up and running Mike tapes every race on the earth. Usually I would rue the day. What is so exciting about cars going around and around in circles unless if you are actually the one racing, but even then I hear it is hot and uncomfortable which sounds not so fun to me. But, on the bright side, the boys love watching the cars with their dada and I can get some stuff done as they wind down for the evening.

Rock stars in the making. They love their keyboard, a gift from their Ninang on Xmas. We finally have it set up and they love to make sweet music......not so much together.......then it becomes a shoving match most days......but they are pretty effective solo artists. Seb is quite interested in instruments thanks to Little Einsteins. Now, when his bro plays the piano, he pretends to play the violin. Here, Seb has the super fake cheese goin' on and Ben is either Jerry Lee Lewis or needs to take up the air guitar in a metal band. Of course, Seb wouldn't let go of his new sippie cups for the picture. Chalk it up to the Cars characters, of course.

Awww....the more gentle side. Ben losing the hard rocker in him and Seb, well even if Seb won't share with his brother, he will share with his cow. From the dollar bin at Target, it started with dinosaurs and now he is absolutely crazy about the farm animals complete with sound button. He only has the cow and ram so far, but we look in the bin for more to add to his collection everytime we go. His animals go everywhere. In the car, out to restaurants, outside in the backyard....I try to keep them out of the little play pool though even if cows need a bath in this heat. They go on his little bus and enjoy rides around the backyard. He gives them water from his sippie cup, pushes them down the slide. He moos and baas at them. He makes them kiss and kisses them. With all the expensive toys....cheap little barn animals make him the most happy.

Awww, I feel better already. I think I can wait for my drink until after Mike gets home now. Well, time to make dinner for my crazy dudes. Seb has gotten into quite a love affair with shrimp and so I gotta get to work so it will be ready in time. Last week was pepperoni and pineapple pizza. But, hmmmm, Shrimp....who woulda guessed it??


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