Jun 11, 2008

A Tribute

I have been really lucky in my life to have three great grandfathers. Unfortunately, yesterday we lost one of my grandfathers. Just as special and unique as the other two, Grandpa Jacobson passed away yesterday. Instead of taking this blogging time to talk about the boys' doctors appointment or their latest and greatest feat, I thought I would take the time to celebrate Grandpa Jacobson.
Grandpa Jacobson was the quiet grandpa. He was always there when you needed him and at every function to lend his support. He really was a man of few words who kept in the background of a crowd. He was of Finnish stock and started school with English as a second language. He worked hard and excelled to the point that in adulthood he graduated from UC Berkeley and became a chemist. Not only was he proud of scholastic achievements, he was very involved in the church. Even with his busy schedule, Grandpa Jacobson always had time for us kids. We spent a lot of time visiting Grandpa's house. We loved his big back yard in which deer always could be found grazing. There were always berries to pick and make into pies. He let us take old wood, hammers and nails to build a fort (which really was at best a couple of gate looking pieces when done). We played lots of board games. When younger, there was Mystery Date. When older, we would play one of those games where you have to guess the lyrics of songs. Gr. J was always a judge and a strict judge at that. What is more is that in his very stoic way, he would read the answer lyrics without a smile in a business like tone, no matter how silly the lyrics actually were. He attended all softball games. You could spot him standing by the fence or sitting in the bleachers quietly observing, always dressed in jeans, a long sleeved denim shirt neatly tucked in with a belt and a straw hat, chin strap in full effect. He gave me my first car.... a blue station wagon with AM radio only .....but still a car I could call my own. He made every graduation and every party. If there was an event in our lives, no matter how small or trivial.....he was always there, quietly observing and a very important part of the family.
Grandpa Jacobson hadn't been well for quite sometime. He had been struggling with Parkinson's and other complications that come with the disease and old age in general. It was hard to see him struggling in life, but it is also hard for us to know that he is gone now that his fight is over. We take comfort in the fact that he will be reunited with our Moo Moo and will no longer be in pain. We are glad that we were able to make it home for Christmas this year as it was the last time we would see this magnificent man. The boys got to meet their great grandpa Jacobson, but it is sad that they will never get to know him. As we go back home to pay our respects, we have nothing but fond memories of our Grandpa Jacobson.

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