Dec 16, 2008

Busy Busy Busy Bees

As you can tell from the title of this particular blog....We have been busy! Okay, we are always busy, but we were especially busy this weekend. My sis and I were throwing our parents a party for their 25th wedding anniversary. Thank goodness she had the time to organize and put the details together. She was the backbone to this operation and of course, with her impeccable sense of style, it was a great event. So, we went home for a long weekend that flew by too quickly.

Can you believe that this is the weather we drove through on our way back from Nor Cal. It was actually quite pretty and the boys were very excited to see the snow. It almost rated with the Moos of the many cows, the baaaahs of the many sheep and the choo choos of the many trains that we saw on our drive.
We are lucky that the boys are so wonderful in the car. Six hours is not fun......even if there is a stop over at McDonald's on the way.
Of course, we have Einsteins on the TV and Twizzlers to snack on (this is the boys new favorite treat) and who could ask for a better excuse to travel.
We had kicked off the festivities of the weekend first visiting my mom at her school and showing off the, errr, my big boys. That night we braved the cold to go to the Tilden park set up for Christmas. They had a really nice display of Christmas scenery and of course this included Winnie the Pooh which is always exciting for the dudes. The boys forgot the cold after the first 10 minutes of shaking like a tickle me Elmo and were not easily contained as they whipped around the area at full speed ahead.
The main draw was the Merry Go Round. Seb loves it! Although this Merry Go Round was like at supersonic speed. I have never seen something fly around so fast. Needless to say, I was a little dizzy.....but it didn't bother the boys.
This was the first time we were able to get Ben to agree to take a ride. Before, at other venues.....he always refused. Of course, with my big self pinning him to the tiger.....who wouldn't feel safe. So, he acclimated quickly and went on the next time without my riding behind him.
The boys did pretty well at the main event also. We had a very nice lunch at Scott's and my guys were quite dashing in their ties. Although the boys got a fruit plate instead of salad and chicken fingers and fries instead of the grown up food.....their appetite was unparalleled and I don't know how they ate it all. I was even impressed that they were able to stay in booster seats with no belts as there were no high chairs and we had forgotten our traveling seats to secure them in. They really are growing up and I have to remind myself as an overprotective mommy that I don't give them enough credit. They really are rock stars!
Here are the happy couple coming in from the cold to join their party.

And more of the boys in their ties.....I can't get enough of my cuties! Yes, a successful weekend...but too short. However, it gave me something to talk about in this here blog. Something other than the fact that a couple days previous in one of my panic rushes to get too much done....I gave the dogs the Twizzlers and the boys the Milkbones. Seb looked at me like I lost my mind and gave it back with a look. Of course, when I rush to Ben......he is eating the tasty dog snack with gusto and I feared he wouldn't trade me for his candy. Unbelieveable. I really need to slow down/calm down sometimes, hehe.


Julie said...

You aren't supposed to give dogs Twizzlers? Really? Whoops. Your boys are dashing! Please tell Michael that I think we have found a home for the pup and thank him for his help!

Min said...

Oh, gosh, the milk bone/twizzler mixup cracked up. Sad to say I can see myself doing that... :D