Dec 4, 2008

A Quickie

So, no I haven't gotten my Christmas cards out or even started on them yet. I so wanted to take some nice pictures in the backyard where the boys have a wonderland of crunchy leaves to hop in, stomp on and throw. Who said that there are no seasons in CA. I swear that these leaves were very green at one time. Anyway, my best laid plan did not work, no big surprise here.
True, both boys are battling some kind of illness. Seb has had a runny nose and the most horrible poops lately. I know, TMI, but can I just say for the sake of commiseration that the only solid thing in the diaper has been the corn he ate the night before--- that in an ocean of murky brown swamp water. A smell that lingers for 3 hours in a room and makes me check and recheck for a repeat occurrence to find nothing. Hehe....I know, I shouldn't have gone there. But, I thought those days of washing all the sheets, changing the clothes multiple times and daily baths were in the past. Apparently not.

So, after today's late morning (and very needed) bathing, I thought I would try to put the boys in a nice selection of button up shirts in the quest to obtain the perfect picture for our Christmas cards. Staples is great and cheap to get such things done in one day and so I had high hopes that I would be like my former self and have those Christmas cards out with a quickness. However, Ben has been in such a mood lately. He will change his pants from day to day, but he gets attached to his shirts. Earlier this week to avoid unnecessary battles I gave in to allowing him to wear his pajama shirt for two days straight. So, when I approached him with a nice button up shirt....thinking hey, it's cold, he has to wear something after the bath....the battle began. No, No, No. So I moved onto a poloish long sleeve with fancy striped sleeves and a gang looking number on the chest (one of his usual favorites) and this was also a no. So, I gave him a choice which still left me with a No. Ben, dude, it is cold. You can't be half naked today and you aren't wearing pajamas. After much fighting I got him to wear a dinosaur shirt, hardly appropriate for a heart warming Xmas card. Seb seeing Ben in a dinosaur shirt of course had to wear his as well and so I gave up on the nice clothes and gave into their opinions.

So, I thought.....well, maybe I can still get a picture taken with both of them together....although not ideal, they are so cute......maybe nobody will notice or care. Of course, with this I could not get them barely in the same universe to take a picture together. Pose one and the other runs off. That is what I get for trying to get something done without my scary counterpart at home. So, whether or not we get a Christmas card made this year, I do not know. But, I do like to take pictures for the good ole blog and so today was not a wasted day. Who could be disappointed by these loving and cheerful smiles anyway?

Even if things don't (and by don't I mean never) go according to can I not be the happiest mommy alive? I am lucky to have these angels to call my sons and a little independent streak never killed anyone.....right?

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Rory Gilmore said...

See you soon- but don't bring your poo stories with you.