Jan 7, 2009

Our New Year's

So, as New Year's approached this year I was very upset not to have any plans. Babysitters are scarce and even my grandmother parties well into the wee hours on New Year's. Oh I complained and complained and hated that I would probably be in bed asleep by the time midnight approached. We were set to have a quiet evening at home. Nothing even special for dinner. Mike had popped into work earlier and a couple of friends said they were getting together and we could join them....but, I was reluctant to accept. The twin tornadoes can be a menace when presented with an unchildproofed house full of interesting things to touch and grab and perhaps even break. Michael gets really nervous too and so I convinced myself that they would rather not have the lot of us join them.

Luckily, I was wrong. A couple hours before said get together, the phone rang. It was one of the girls asking if we were planning on coming over. Defeated, I sighed and said that she probably didn't want the boys running around her apartment late into the night. But, I was wrong. She welcomed us one and all. So, we decided to go and I was glad that we did. We all had a great time. There was pizza and cookies.....and wine (see red face in picture). We were able to visit whilst the boys were awed by Nemo and Ice Age on the television. Also, the boys were overjoyed with the pet selection in this household. There were fish, lizards, frogs, cats and a big dog. Okay, Ben was very scared of the big dog, but there was a lot to keep the boys busy.
I always underestimate how grown up my boys are. They visited well and stayed up late without much protest at all. They actually mingled with the guests. Anyone who knows my boys knows that I am making an effort to socialize them. For too long I have kept them home with me and they are pretty shy when it comes to light conversation with an acquaintance. Usually when people try to talk to them, they are met with a stop sign hand and several "no's". Not tonight though. The boys were ready to party.
Seeing how well they did, I felt a little less guilty about keeping them out late....away from their cozy beds. But, if you look at those smiles.....you can tell, they were happy to get out. They needed it just as much as I did.
As the hours crept on, luckily the boys began to quietly fade. They melted into the couch which was just as good as their beds. We covered them with blankets and proceeded to watch an advance copy of Twilight while we chatted and waited for the arrival of the New Year.
Okay.....we got a little crazy too. And, this picture did wonders for helping with a New Year's resolution.....that much Booty is good for no one. Okay, Michael may disagree, but that is a whole different kind of blog. But, to sum up.....we had a great time with great friends and are confident the New Year will bring many good things for many good people.

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