Jan 1, 2009

Too Tired to Say Much

With the holidays and the endless stream of visitors and the partying and cleaning and celebrating some more.....I am too tired to actually be coherent. So, I won't write much. With pictures being worth 1000 words and all, I think I will meet my word quota for this assignment. I was really even too busy to get that many pictures taken-good sweet wonderful ones anyway, so these will have to do. The boys had a great Christmas though. They had way too many presents and now, if not before, I can say that our house is nothing short of a toy storage facility. When I recover.....um, err, possibly by the summer, I will have to organize said toys. For now they are piled high in every spare closet --to the ceiling like some movie closet where an avalanche could break at any moment. Word of advice, do not open any doors that may lead to a closet in my home.....it could be hazardous to your health. At this moment, the four of us are warn out from our New Year's Eve partying......I may blog about that one some other time, but for now I am going to take a nap. Enjoy the pictures.

Wishing you all a fine 2009 and I hope you all had an awesome holiday season.

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