May 20, 2009

A Nice Visit From the Grandparents and a Trip to Disneyland

Catching Up ---Part III

As mentioned before, we had a lot of guests come through town to celebrate the twins' third birthday. We were especially lucky that my mom's Spring Break coincided with the birthday party. My parents came for a visit that week and of course spoiled the boys rotten. I almost feel nonexistent when there are such revered guests present. Each and every time I try to do something, it is,"No mama, Nonny do." Or it is,"No mama, Papa do." And boy, do they remember every little thing. For instance, my mom makes them their favorite breakfast each and every day (waffles/pancakes and sausage). I was picking up Bisquick from Costco the other day and Seb pointed to the box and said,"My Nonny makes pancakes. My Nonny loves me." Or, when we get into the car, Seb will ask,"We go see Papa now?" "No Seb, Papa lives far away. We will see papa in a month or so. We are going to see (whoever we are going to see on that day)." "Mama. We don't need to see (insert name). It is papa's turn. We need to see papa now."

Even when something happens that Seb is proud of, he must include his thought on missing those favorite family members. With a new haircut he goes through all the names,"Papa will like my haircut? Nonny will like my haircut? GG will like my haircut?" Or when it has been a tough potty training week and he actually has a good potty day," My daddy is proud of me? My Nonny will be proud of me?" "Yes Seb. Everyone is proud of you. " Then of course, it is inevitable. "I need to call my Papa on the phone. I need to talk to Papa. I tell him. I tell him."

The boys have enjoyed playing outside with their new toys. Seb thinks his motorcycle is more than awesome. He is also in love with his Sponge Bob thongs. I don't know what it is about Sponge Bob that kids like. The boys don't watch the show, but love the merchandise. I can't stand that show. I much prefer the barnyard.

My parents got the boys a couple of scooters. They are three wheeled scooters and so can stand up with little balance. The boys thought those were really cool, except for the fact that they didn't really get the scooting part for a couple of weeks. They wanted to stand on the things and have everyone push them around. I guess what they really wanted were Segways. Come on have to get some kind of exercise out of the whole thing. It was quite hilarious seeing my mom and multiple other adults trying to scoot around on these little scooters to demonstrate how they were to really work. Of course, instead of teaching them by example, the boys just laughed at such a circus act. No inspiration at all. Never fear, they have picked up the concept now. Although, they do still enjoy chasing mommy as mommy rides around the patio.

On the actual day of the boys' bday, Daddy took the day off from work so that we could go to Disneyland as a family for the first time. We were hesitant to do so beforehand because we were not sure how much they would enjoy it or if they would like to ride the rides etc. Since Disney was giving free tickets for birthdays and it covered half of the family, we decided to chance it. The boys were in heaven. They LOVED it, everything about it, from the rides to the characters to the overpriced refreshments. I apologize for the lack of good pictures, but you try running around with two kids excited to explore every inch of the greatest place on earth. Furthermore, there were few lines and so no time in between runnings around to stop and pose. We were go go going from 10am to 5pm when one twin finally fell asleep in the stroller and we thought it the perfect opportunity to run away while we still could.

The boys loved the Jungle Cruise, the Train ride with the Dinosaurs, the Autopia cars (I let Ben drive so that was certainly a bumpy ride) and the Winnie the Pooh ride. I was also not surprised that they loved the Buzz Lightyear ride which upon ending was the only time there was a meltdown the whole day. Ben didn't want to relinquish his seat and didn't understand that with no line we would be back in no time. So, yeah, that was a little awkward with me dragging a flailing child down the tunnel as every person in a 10 mile radius stopped to stare. But, for such a big day at such a young age, I think the day an overall success. The rides that the boys loved that came as a surprise were the Pirates of the Caribbean and the Haunted Mansion. We were hesitant with those two wondering if they would be too scary. Seb especially loved them. In fact, for two weeks after our trip, everyday, several times a day, Seb asked when we were going to go see the Pirates again. He bragged to family members that he had seen ghosts. He also added," Oh, it was scary. But, I like." The one disappointment of the day was that he didn't get to see Goofy. I think that next year.......season passes are in our future. And given another year to grow, just imagine all of the new rides they will be eligible for. It really does make me happy to see my great boys that excited. I don't know what I will do when they start to get to the age when mama and daddy aren't the preferred tag along guests on their trips to new and exciting places. Thankfully, I think I have a couple of years left before I have to worry about that.

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Hi there,
Do you live pretty close to Disneyland (DL). We are in the sacramento area but get down to DL multiple times a year. It would be fantastic to meet up with more adoptive families. Our little man will be 4 in July. If you are interested, my email is lyndee(at)comcast(dot)net. take care!