May 11, 2009

We colored Eggs

A little catch up -----Part I

So yes, I have been MIA for the last month. I used to hate when I tuned into some one's blog and it had been neglected. How could they??!!?? Right? I am now one of those people. Not that I have been held up by super important tasks or am a super important person. I have done a mediocre job of keeping the house clean. The minimalist approach of doing just what I had to not feel guilty. Yes, I have kept the family fed. I have spent a little extra time with those little dogs of mine. We have attended to a couple of local parties and obligations.
I have tried to be a good mom and spend as much time as possible doing things with the boys. This has meant playing in the backyard a lot in this sunshiny weather. Playing in the little pool, kicking the soccer ball around (boy is Ben getting good at dribbling the length of our lawn or zinging it across the yard), watching that horrible Thomas the Tank Engine (Tho-as ---no m pronounced---as demanded all day long by Seb or Choo-Choo as concurred with by Ben). We have gone about our routines which those who know me know that I love my routines. Seb continues to talk my ear off and Ben is still the "quiet one".

However, none of this is the reason for not having time for the ole blog. I know this because I still have time for pouring over facebook (and Mafia Wars). I still have time for my 3 fantasy baseball teams. I am moving right along on my second 162 game season on my PS3 MLB The Show. I am proud to proclaim that my DVR is wiped clean every week as I finish my recorded shows before the next one comes along. I have my unlimited 3 at a time netflix which I try to get back the very next day. And, of course.....I have my Roku player so that I can keep up with my instant play selections on those days that the mail is slow. I have turned my movie viewing into somewhat of a crazy activity as well. Just as I would play school when I was young and assign reports to the cabbage patch students and then go and write said reports......I have found myself pretending to be professor of interesting classes which compare movies/TV shows and find myself constructing said papers. How else could 20 episodes of season 1 Charles in Charge captivate me so. My excuse.....research of course.

So, down to it. Over the next couple of I will not be sharing the ramblings of my TV and movie findings. I will be catching you all up on a few of the occurrences around here of which I have neglected in blog land. I am going to do it. I am. So.......we colored eggs. This was back around Easter, duh. It was a lot less messy than I expected it to be. The boys were very patient and loved picking the colors and dropping the eggs in. They were excited to find that the red and blue made purple or the great combo that green and blue made. They enjoyed putting the stickered faces on after the eggs had dried. However, they still do despise the eating of eggs. So, mommy and daddy had a little eating to do. Egg salad sandwiches for lunch and a big vat of macaroni salad did the job on a week full of those pesky eggs. As for dietary likes and dislikes.......Seb generally will try everything and swallow at least one bite of anything. Very seldom does he request mommy's hand to spit something out. Ben on the other hand is king of picky. On a good day he will try something. He then will rarely swallow it. It used to be he too was a frequent user of mommy's spit out hand......but, now he has a new thing. He leaves said bite on the tip of his tongue......sticks the tongue out and expects mommy to pluck and discard. It is quite the sight and I try not to laugh to encourage such behavior.
I promise......tomorrow is another day......of blogging. We will tackle the birthdays perhaps.

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