Feb 26, 2009

I Love You Too, Mama.

Things are pretty much as can be expected around here. Ben's rash is just about gone. His stomach has a giraffe spot pattern from skin growing back darker and his face has a white spot pattern where the skin grew back lighter. Amazing really, but he is healthy and happy and that is all we could ask for. The weather has been pretty nice so that means good times in the backyard.....and also means that my two little bundles of energy can wear themselves out throughout the course of the day. They have been busy playing with their new basketball hoop, digging in the dirt, kicking the soccer ball, playing with the foam swords that Nonny and Papa brought for them......
In fact, Seb loves to put a bucket on his head and march with his sword. He calls himself, "Good Knight," when he does this. Of course, with the basketball hoop they are more into dunking than shooting, but it is hilarious to watch Seb dribble. He gets a few good bounces in and then the ball scoots away and he falls to the ground as if his balance was attached to the bouncing ball. Ben loves to investigate everything in the yard as if he has never seen it before. He collects and counts rocks. He checks out the many different flowers and trees and things falling from the trees and plants. He can spend hours shoveling rocks or digging in the dirt. He transfers dirt from the ground to the dump truck and then to various parts of the yard. Ben loves to be outdoors and will stay there long after his brother has decided to go inside.
The boys' new favorite movie is the Mickey Mouse version of "The Three Musketeers". And, when I say favorite....I am talking obsessed! I am talking all day long, if they are watching something......it is that movie. Help me!!! I tried renting something else and putting it on the big TV in the front room (an enticing ploy... I thought). They watched ten minutes before Ben promptly led the charge into his room and demanded his movie. Of course, it is a crack up to watch the movie with them (the first 2-3times a day). Seb has to talk throughout the whole thing. He is like the second narrator. In books and movies he loves to point out the characters. "Ohhhhh, the bad guys. Where did the bad guys go?" He flips the page. "There the bad guys. What they doing? They jump big." or whatever the page shows. This goes on with any movie or book about all the characters. Of course his favorite is Pete which is one of the reasons why I think he loves the Three Musketeers. And the funny thing is, he loves Pete so much he will not classify him as a "bad guy".

Both boys are loving the traffic signals while driving. Where before they would get excited helping daddy navigate and screaming "Go!" with the green light and "Stop!" (insert obligatory stop hand motion) with the red light, they have now added the "Slow Down." for the yellow. Of course they say the words so that they are drawn out very sllloooow. It has really stuck with them and even in their gingerbread man book where the gingerbread man's chest buttons are those traffic light colors.....they talk about the colors and what they mean.
Also, when they watch their TV shows, they have been participating more. They answer the questions asked by the cartoon character and Seb will add to it even.
TV: Is this the sound of the tiger (audio of a bee)?
Seb: A Beeee! A Beee!
TV: Is this Goofy's tie?(pointing to one of three ties)
Seb: Too tiny. (pinching hand gesture)
TV: Is this Goofy's tie?(again pointing)
Seb: Too big.
I am still loving our nighttime ritual. We have the TV off, music in the background and we just talk to each other and cuddle. Ben always tells me I have to sit with him first and Seb is usually okay with that. This is the time I get the most love from my Benny. He is a busy dude and although very loving......he is completely different then his brother. Nighttime is when he kisses and cuddles and tucks in his favorite stuffed dog by his side. He likes me to rub his back or his head and would like for me to never leave his side. At bedtime, Seb goes down the list of all the people he loves. He always starts with Mama, Daddy and Ben and then adds in whoever we have been talking about or visiting lately. Whether it be the dogs or Nonny and Papa or GG and Steve. His new thing though is after he declares who he loves, he turns it around. "Mama loves me. Daddy loves me. Gung Gung (Ben) loves me." and so on.
What is really special to me though is that Seb always makes time to tell me he loves me. Not just in a list of names. At random points throughout the day, he comes to me with a big smile and hug and says, " I love you too mama. I love you too." That just melts my heart. I love that Seb can express himself now. Yesterday I had accidentally bumped his head while cleaning the room and he said,"Mama, you hurt my head." That killed me. Also, whenever I steal away to get my chores done Seb says,"Mama. I help. Me clean too. I come." Outside Seb will motion to me,"Mama, sit with me." I sit and he motions to the dogs. "Jagr sit with me." Miraculously she comes over. Seb will look at me and say,"Mama, you love me this much." (he reaches his arms as far as they can go. I say,"Seb I love you this much." I reach my arms too. "Mama, loves me in heart." Touches his chest. I answer,"I love you in my heart." Seb replies,"I love you too mama, in heart too."

So, I know.....I could go on all day. I look at this picture and think.....what are they cooking up next? It is exciting to see them grow and learn. I am so proud of both of my boys. Their birthday is coming up in a couple of months as is our Famiversary. Happy times every day and celebrations to come. I love you too, Ben and Seb. I love you too. With all of my heart.


Julie said...

Sniff, sniff. I miss you guys.

Jackie Brown said...

I love you, too, sista!

Donnie Darko said...

They weren't rice krispies, they were coconut bars..

Josh, Amy, Olivia, Josiah, Girum, Tarikwa, and Taye said...

Your boys are so sweet and beautiful! What precious moments!

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