Feb 9, 2009

Who Knew??

So, who knew? I thought I was lightyears away from seeing a picture of my kid at a party.....a party I did not attend......on someone else's myspace page, haha. Double take....is that really my Sebby? That must have been some Superbowl party kid.

Here is a big high five to my Seb though. He has been talking up a storm. For example, he'll see a monkey on TV. "Ohhh, monkey. Me love monkey. Daddy love monkey too. Mama no love monkey. Gung Gung (that is Ben....don't know how, but it is) loves monkey too." And then it starts all over with the next thing whether it be Mickey Mouse or a banana.

Seb has been working hard on his potty training too. Ben refuses to even begin and I am giving him slack partially because of his rashy mood and partially because it is easier for me to focus on one kid at a time in that arena. He sits on the potty once every hour and is doing quite well. He gets a jelly belly treat for going which he loves. Now he has taken to sitting Sally (the stuffed Porsche car) on the potty next to his. "Sally go Pee," he says. Then he sits and goes and exclaims,"Go Pee, Me go Pee." He gets his treat and says...."Sally candy too." I say that Sally has to share with him.....not falling for that one.....no way.

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