Feb 2, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday

So, yes, we are still unable to attend such events as Super Bowl parties as a family because of the rash that just wouldn't leave......you can't see it that well from the pictures as thankfully the head and back regions are only like former white blistery dust. That is very much welcome compared to the big red leopard spots on the chest and belly and those now spreading from the shoulders down the arms. When reading up on this stupid rash we did learn a couple things that explained some changes we had seen. The rash causes fatigue and headaches along with its obvious itchy nature. Bingo....after so long of no nap taking, Ben has been putting himself to bed mid afternoon for a little nap or falling asleep on the couch while watching a movie or TV show. He has been more irritable than usual. He has wanted to be held more, babied more and has decided that he does not want to bugger with using the big boy potty anymore and he used to be the star in that arena. Poor sick guy.....hope you get well soon kid.

Because of the dreaded rash and people's very dare I say racist or is it just anti- African view of what that rash must mean, after much deliberation we decided that Ben and I would stay home from the annual Super Bowl party. We figured Daddy and Seb could party down and Ben and Mommy would have some much needed one on one time at home.....the boys wouldn't notice.... right? Plus, Ben is a bit antisocial and doesn't usually enjoy a huge party of strangers while Seb basks in it. Ben loves alone time.....he wouldn't mind right?

Daddy had gotten his hair cut and so we figured the boys were about due for one as well. They both hate it, but I had the lesser hater of the two, Sebby, come to me first and Daddy told him that we were cutting his hair so that he would be ready for the party and ready to see his main squeeze Cassidy. With a little protest and a few tears we got Sebby's hair cut. The big surprise was to see Ben run over to me, plop himself into my lap and demand his hair cut too. Now usually Benny is a two man job because he hates it......with a capital H, Hates it. Writhing, screaming, crying, bending, moaning, freaking out.....absolutely positutely HATES HIS HAIR CUT! But, hearing that brother was getting ready for the party......Ben wanted to get ready for the party too. He sat without batting an eyelash through the whole thing. I praised him all I could, but knew he still couldn't go to the party. It really made me sad. Poor kid.

But, the boys still had some time for some fun. So, the brothers took their baths and got dressed up in their Raiders jerseys (as if the Raiders would ever make the Superbowl) and played for a while. Racing around the couch by foot, by hop and with the ever popular crawl races.

The boys were so cute, I couldn't help but take a couple of pics with them. And in the end, it wasn't so bad. Seb and Daddy went to the party until half time. Seb played with a gaggle of girls who carried him around and dressed him up in various outfits. He let all the mommies at the party dote on him. He even refused to let Mike feed him and insisted on sitting on our friend's lap and eating from her plate.....silly boy.
Ben and I ordered pizza which made him feel right away that he was getting the better deal. We did all those things that are impossible to do with brother home....we played with the train and Benny could build his own track and not fight over the tunnel piece. He got his doctor's kit out and I was his patient. He also enjoyed beat boxing into the stethoscope. We played golf in the house. We sat together and watched the game and he got all of mommy's undivided attention. Yes, mommy and Ben had a fabulous time. Although.....mommy was more tired after this day than any other in a long time. It is hard for me in my old age to run races around the couch in every manner possible and give into a toddler's every whim. But, I think Ben was happy to have the time alone and I was happy that he was happy.

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