Nov 24, 2007

Long Weekend = Long Blog

I promised hair cut pics......and here they are. I really wanted to cry myself as I love their long curls, but had to get it done. Not to mention I had a fear that one of the grandparents were about to take liberty with scissors themselves. Better to get it professionally done. After visiting many barbershops and even chains such as Supercuts.....we were unable to get anywhere. People felt they were too young for a cut. They said they would stop midway if the kid started crying. We finally found a nice kids place that was excellent. They even had a vehicle chair to keep the little dudes busy and toys to play with while waiting.

As you can see, Ben was still not happy. Toys were not going to keep him from hating this. He couldn't sit in the vehicle hair cut chair and Daddy had to hold him on his lap. Big tears.
Sebby didn't mind the hair cut too much and his took longer still. He had to be trimmed with the scissors and then shaved. He was a really good boy. He played with his toys and although, not the job done. They collected a baggy of the hair and gave them a certificate to keep as a souvenir.
As promised, we went to McDonald's afterward for lunch. McNuggets and fries help to heal the emotional scars. Here is Sebby rocking his do and engulfing his chicken.
Here is Ben doing the same, but as you can see.....he is still annoyed with Mama. He may be sad, but the new cut is pretty cute all the same.
A new Thanksgiving day tradition has begun for the boys. While the womenfolk toil in the kitchen creating the feast of the day, the Cruz men go to the auto show. My guys already love cars: real, toy and cartoon. This was heaven for them and daddy and Lolo didn't mind it much either. Here is Ben driving a 2008 Volkswagon GTI. Daddy says he is going to be a drift racer. Lolo stands in the back ground keeping watch.
Here is Sebby taking in the scene as well. He is enjoying the shiny view in front of Nissan 350Z . Sorry guys.....this does not fit in your Xmas stocking.
And of course, nothing would be complete without Daddy getting you hooked on a Porsche. My cute little baby boys before we butchered their curls and as always big smiles on their beautiful faces.
Sebby and Daddy always have fun. After the car show we will all go to GGNon's for their first Thanksgiving feast. Nonny, Papa, Lolo, Lola, GGnon, Uncle Steve, Tia Lourdes and cousins Geoff and Daniel will be there to complete the full house.
Here is Ben playing it cool with Lolo. It was a long day, but a good day. A day spent with our nearest and dearest family. A day that reminds us that we have so much to be thankful for. A day where the boys refused to eat turkey and mashed potatoes and threw up their pumpkin pie, but were still happy. A weekend where Ben would do a face plant into the concrete landing sending me into a frenzy, covered in blood, but only phasing him for a couple of minutes (popcycles actually do cure everything). Please tooth....stay in there for another 5 yrs at least...Benny needs you.
I must a broken record, I know......I am thankful for my life. I am thankful for the best husband ever who is truly my soul mate and gets me when no one else does. I am thankful for my twins: Ben and Seb who make me smile everyday and who are the joy of my life. I am thankful for my family and friends who make the great times more enjoyable and the woeful times easier to weather. Most of all I am thankful for the boys' Ethiopian parents who loved them and taught them to love so fully and without reservation. The parents that gave them life and gave us the greatest gift of all even though it meant that they would be losing so much. I pray that they know how thankful we are for them and that our boys are doing great and are loved and well cared for. I pray that they have continued peace in their decision and I pray for their continued health and livelihood.
I hope everyone had a great Turkey Day!
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Heather & Adam said...

Did you know that I love you? Well, I do! And I am thankful to have an amazing friend like you, even if you wont move to GA from CA dammit. ;)

Heather said...

Hey I love, love, love the boys haircuts. They are so darn cute! They look like big boys now. Glad you guys had a good Thanksgiving.
Good Luck with the root canal. I hate going to the dentist!

The Bailey Family said...

Thankful hearts! Glad to hear you had a great Thanksgiving!