Nov 13, 2007

Stupid Root Canal

As I think I mentioned in my last blog.....I thought that I had broken my tooth on a bone in a sandwich. The crown was not broken, but may have lifted, causing an infection under the tooth. That meant that I will have 4 appointments, two for a root canal and two for a new crown and a cleaning/check up. My parents came down to watch the boys for the first appt. which was horrid.

I am glad that Ben is chillin and having fun here with Nonny and Papa as Mommy is at the dentist. At this point they were chiseling/drilling away at a very strong crown for an hour before they could flush the root. I have been in pain for days...unable to really eat with this temporary crown and with a bloody nose for two days as the yucky flushes through my sinuses. Gross, I know.
This is about how I feel kid. Look at that mug. There weren't many of these looks this weekend. The boys love having visitors and especially when those visitors make it possible so that they can run around outside of the pen. It is great to be free and able to get into everything is so full of possibility.
And Sebby can't be outdone by his brother's wonderful poses. They had a lot of fun walking around the neighborhood with Nonny and Papa too. They played outside all day and were quite warn out by dinner time. It was a Chinese Food bonanza (won ton soup for me) and Ben's eyes were nearly closing with head falling into his Chow Mein. They stayed awake though because they didn't want to miss out. The only thing they like better than chicken strips is Chow Mein with Terriyaki Chicken. The fried rice isn't so bad either. The almond cookie is also a treat at the end of the meal. Can't use choppy sticks yet.....a fork is the extent of what we can handle....but with noodles, let's just go with the fingers.
The one thing about Sebastian is his infectious smile. Who wouldn't love this kid? He has such personality and you can't help but smile when he flashes his. Ben is the one with evil glares here and there, but I don't know if I have seen one from this happy go lucky kid. Yes he cries like a muppet with a head tilt and a fully open mouth....but never an attitude.
Here is the closest thing to attitude. Practicing his runway strut. He loves to hold his little shark bucket (previously holding a Jack happy meal). First it was used to hold legos and toys. Now he throws it over his shoulder like a purse and waves/ says bye-bye. I think this comes from months of GGNon putting on her purse and saying bye bye before she leaves. So, my dude finds anything with a handle, slings it over the shoulder and says bye bye. Future murse carrier I guess......daddy would die.
Kisses from Ben. Or is he just trying to lure me close enough to snatch the camera. It is hard to tell these days. Gotta love it all the same. Ben loves to kiss, whether it be family, friends or each and every one of his dolls (or stuffed animals to keep it on the macho side).
And, I will finish on this picture. Two smiling boys at play, just loving their momma. Can you believe it actually got cold enough down here to wear long sleeves and pants for one day? Not anymore though, we are back to shorts and Tshirts today. You gotta love So. Cal. My babies will freeze in the Bay Area this Xmas. I know, those of you in the real cold just collectively rolled your eyes. Ha, ha....I guess it is all relative.
Take care everyone and if I get up the courage, next time we will have pictures of a first hair cut. I myself hate getting hair cuts and end up with one once a year, a little weird I know. It has gotten worse since my sis moved. She used to kidnap me and then drop me off at Supercuts to make me take the plunge. So, maybe today will be the day the boys get a haircut. I love their hair though....I just don't know. They don't want me to keep it up though so something must be done. The bed head and carseat head will not do if they won't let me fix it. I don't know how much time a day I chase them (on my knees mind you) around the corral in circles with lotion in one hand and a brush in the other. We will see. Hope it turns out nice as I would really like to take professional pics in time for Xmas.

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