Nov 1, 2007

No good news, But Life is Good

So, to dispell any hopeful thinking on the house front, the buyer with the low offer didn't bring it up to the standard. We came down, they came up and we were still big time off and decided to walk. Fingers remain crossed. But, more importantly......this was the week of meeting new friends and seeing some family members for the first time. The boys actually love meeting people and I am glad to see that they are charmers and my homebody tendencies haven't turned them into hermits.

Look here at my kissy face boys. Kisses are plentiful lately. Even for the the Jagr Dog who loves her brothers. She continues to be good with them and here is their love fest.....going in for the kiss. We have had a good week. We met with a CHS forum friend who lives near by. We walked through the mall talking for between 2-3 hrs. I loved the company and feel lucky to have made a new friend. She brought her 2.5 yr old beautiful son who was just a precious little man.....and so well behaved. My guys were pretty good too, sitting in the stroller for that long ride. We did take a break for lunch at the food court, but still the kids were very understanding of their mommies little outing. I just hope that I can be as awesome a parent as she is and that my boys are as cool as her fellow a year from now. A shout out to M. I hope that your travel date is just around the corner.
The boys also got to meet their great-aunt Evelyn who lives in Arizona. She was in the area for a business meeting and we met her at the hotel. The boys had a great time running around the hotel room uninhibited and playing with their newly met Auntie. Sebby the charmer, really took to Evelyn. He had her read him books and hold him in her lap to look at cars. She brought them toys and took us to McDonald's for dinner (she offered a nicer venue, but the boys are not ready for more than a fast food place, so that is where we went). Sebby had Evelyn carry him to the car when we were done with our visit and cried when she had to leave. Sebby loves his Evelyn.
It's a bird, It's a it Superman? And can we play with him.....we are superheroes too you know. It was a long day yesterday. We went to GGNon's for Halloween. The boys were excited to run around in a bigger area and get into all of the unchildproofed cabinets, drawers and knick knacks. That doesn't mean that GG doesn't have a million cars, toys, balls, books, old remote controls etc. for these guys. And talk about goodness. So amped up on spaghetti and sugar....we had a great night.
We trick or treated very well thank you. We got mommy and daddy lots of candy. Ben got into a bag of M&M's and both boys enjoyed a Reeses Peanut Butter cup. Sebby loved going to the people's doors and waved and blew kisses. He was almost an unwanted visitor in many homes as when the door opened, Sebby wanted to run inside if they had something of interest in their domicile. The babies met a new friend....GG's friend has a grandbaby who is a Korean adoptee. He was dressed as a pumpkin and followed us down the sidewalk for quite some time not wanting to leave his new found friends. We have an offer for play dates in the future. That should be fun.
The good news is that I think my sons are going to be horror freaks like their momma. One of their most favorite things, besides picking up leaves from the ground on the t-or-t trail, was the huge blown up hearse with a raising cackling skeleton. They had to go back and visit it several times and point and oooh and ahhhh. How proud am I? Maybe we will be able to trade in Cars for some blood and guts yet...I kid, I kid. After finishing with the out and about, we went back to Nonny's and got in our PJ's and waited for Daddy to meet us. We spent time with Uncle Steve and Tia Lourdita. We swept Nonny's floor....aren't brooms the next best thing since, well, the vacuum. Sebby loved answering the door for other trick or treaters too. Happy and giggling and pointing at every costume....he had a great time even when not getting candy himself. We had a big was wonderful and tiring and the boys slept all the way home and didn't stir as we put them in their crib. They even slept in for momma this morning.

I love my wonderfully happy little dudes......and so does everyone else. I am in awe at how happy two little beings can make one person and even now I tear up. These guys put everything in perspective. As long as these guys are in my life, living a life of the ordinary, nothing could be bad. Who cares about houses, gas and whatever else would usually be a downer. I just look at my sons.....drinking milk, eating a pop tart, running around naked in the sun....whatever, and nothing can compare to those simple things in life. Those things that you can't buy and can't measure or explain. This is what life is meant to be. This is what makes life worth living. I can't express how much I love these two.

Miss you all(when we finally get a new all must come....if we build it, will you come?),


Heather & Adam said...

If you build it, we will come!!
OH, and Charile loved that hearse skeleton thing too!! Little horror buff in the making! :)

Heather said...

The boys look so cute in their costumes! Sorry the house hasn't sold yet!