Apr 21, 2008

A little taste of things to come.....

So, the 2nd bday party for the twins went really well. Since my camera is without flash....I only have a few outside pics from before the party that I will post until I can get my hands on my mummy's pictures of the actual party. Unfortunately, it was a little cold and windy day of, so most of the party was held inside. I decorated to the max with Cars decor and the boys were very excited. I made Marcus Samuelson's version of Ethiopian beef stew. We had snacks ranging from homemade Lumpia to represent the Filipino part of the family, salsa from the Guadalajaran element and then oldies but goodies like Spinach dip and sourdough. There was Harris Ranch hamburgers for the faint of heart and Et coffee with the Disney Cars cake.

Boy it was a day, but have you ever seen such happy boys?
They didn't even know that there would be cake or loads of presents at this point.
Just having Nonny and Papa and Lolo and Lola in town was enough to kick off the day with big smiles!!!
But, hey....if I tell you everything now.....I won't have anything to say when I get the party pics....so, here is a little taste of the day and I will get back to you all later. Hopefully my camera will be fixed in time for the Chuck E Cheese celebration the day of their actual bday on Tues.

Later sk8ers.

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