Apr 22, 2008

The Rest of the Pictures

So, as promised I will deliver more pictures. I will try to keep it short, ya right, since it is the boys bday and I am sure they want to spend it with their mommy, not mommy on a computer.

This was really a great weekend. There is nothing I love more than seeing my boys happy and sharing a little bit of their greatness with friends and family members. This weekend also had me reflecting on the process. Somewhat because I was writing the boys one year PP report and thinking about the year in review. I also got to thinking how lucky I am to have my mom still with us. With her almost dying last year to having her here now to really spoil us, I don't want to imagine what things would be like without her.

Last year at this time we were preparing to travel. We knew of our boys, but didn't know them. We were frantically getting things together and the roller coaster ride was beginning. I was sad that we were missing their first birthday....but in retrospect.....we were lucky to travel the following week since we made life long friends with our wonderful travel companions.
This year we wanted to do it big for the boys because it was our first birthday together even though it was their second birthday. I think we successfully infused who they are into their party. Their obsessions with Cars in decor, cake and the movie on the HDTV and really the traditional American birthday party with their Ethiopian clothes and food and of course, we allowed them a little bit of Ethiopian coffee.
They were happy with the company and food and of course the balloons and decorations.
And boy, was it really good cake.

They have more toys then they know what to do with and I think they will be clothed for quite some time too. I didn't know so many Cars outfits existed.

But, when it comes down to it....what is in a birthday? It is special to us because it is so close to the date and timing when we became a family. It gives a chance to pause and remember all of the gifts we have received over the year. From witnessing Benny's first teeth and the boys learning how to walk, to the first hugs and kisses and all of those nights of rocking the boys to sleep and feeling their heartbeats right against mine. Waking up everyday to the giggle of happy twin boys......I am lucky to have gotten to know my boys and their very different personalities. So, on a day that is celebrating the boys birth, instead of focusing on what we missed, we can't help but think of the biggest gift of all----being trusted to parent these boys. Being given the opportunity to be their parents and enjoy in their lives. I can only imagine what the next year has to offer....but knowing Ben and Seb, it will be even more incredible than the last one. As life has become everything that I have ever dreamed, I cannot help but feel guilty. There were at least four people missing from our party who don't need an arbitrary date to remember the boys. People who miss them everyday and may or may not see the happy pictures of them growing up, but even if they do, are missing out on knowing the most amazing two boys in the history of the world.

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Heather & Adam said...

Okay I am totally crying.
I love you guys. Happy One Year,
Cruz Family!