Apr 4, 2008

A Work in Progress

To start:
Belated Easter Pics at Lake ArrowheadTia Lourdes With Seb
Benny with a flashlight (What is it with Flashlights anyway?).

Now to be brought up to date...

The boys love their new house!!!

So we are moving in, STILL....have been here over a week, but every minute is consumed with setting up. I fear that my garage is like Mary Poppins bag.....every time I unpack a box, another one pops up in its stead. We got the floor in, got the living room delivered, but still have a million things to hang and put away and scratch our heads and decide where to put. Also, there is that constant struggle where you want to discard or have a garage sale and the grandmas and mils want you to keep everything you have had sense the turn of the century(mismatch cast off hand me downs that you politely took in the first place)....i vote secret garage sale, hehe. I will post some pics and get back to unpacking. I will try to write more in my next post, if only I could also find some time to sleep.

To sum up....house = great, neighborhood = great, we = happy. The boys have their big boy beds and only fall out two times a night, haha. Check out the super cool double toddler bed my uncle made in Disney Red I may add! Things are looking great. The neighborhood kids came over to ask if the boys could come out and play (although our boys are a little young, it was nice to have friendly neighbors and nice kids around.)

The only bad thing to happen is stupid Best Buy hasn't mounted our flat screen yet. It has been a week, they no showed and then claimed to have no record of the appt. I didn't pay 400 bones to have a box in my front room dudes. Last time we trust the Geek Squad. You can't get anyone on the phone and when you do, they don't want to help. Have an appt. set for Monday (a week from my original appt.) Please let this work....I miss my TV!!!!!

I wish my to do list wasn't so long. Set up the house, write our 1 yr PP report and send in, get on the state of CA for not moving on our readoption and plan the boys 2nd bday party (running out of time on this one, have to get the invites out ASAP.
So long...until next time.
P.S. Here are the boys playing in Daddy's new "Jake Ryan" Porshce. Car guys already. Daddy told them it was Lightning McQueen (but I think Lightning is more of a Corvette).....I guess the boys wouldn't get the 16 Candles reference.


Heather & Adam said...

The house is GORGEOUS! I love the floors, and I would be obsessed with them as well. And that CAR! I am starting to think Michael likes getting to pick new ones like that. Ha. It's awesome, Molly.
The boys look so happy and I know you must feel like you can just breathe again in all that space. Can't wait to see more progress and better yet, VISIT! Woohoo!
Congrats, Cruzes!

Anonymous said...

I love the house. I hope you are done with boxes soon, so that you can now enjoy. THe backyard looks to die for! The boys bed it too cute. I can't believe they are in a big bed already. When is their birthday. Can you believe time is flying so fast. Thay are adorable.
Take care I'm glad to here everything is working out well.

The Bailey Family said...

Thanks for the great update! Your family has had so many changes- Whew! What a ride! The new house looks so great-- and a good neighborhood is a must. We love our neighbors.
I can't imagine how hard it is to keep those little boys in their beds. :)
Miss you lots