Apr 13, 2008

Still too Busy

To all of you who have moved recently......does the busy ever end? There are endless things to do on top of the usual busy. Of course we still have time to spend as a family and have some fun, but then it is back to the grindstone. We've emptied the boxes, but now it seems as if we are moving junk from one room to the next. Will it ever end......I do not know. Our goal is to have things for the most part done by Saturday.....

Yes, this is Sebastian laughing at that goal. There is still too much to do, but we are having the boys second bday party Saturday and cannot have a messy house for the guests. Although, I know this means, most likely shoving things in closets and cabinets and drawers and revisiting them later. So, please, any attendees.......don't look in the nooks and crannies. There may be an avalanche raining down from overhead.
I couldn't resist adding a picture of Roenick here. Such a good sport with the babies. And of course, both dogs are heavily rewarded as the babies love to share with them.....not with eachother.....but with the dogs -- Yes!
They love playing fetch with the dogs too. Sometimes this is throwing the ball and letting the dog retrieve it. Other times this means throwing the ball and racing with the dog to get it. When they do get it, it also means running with grand laughter as the dog chases them.
There is nothing Sebby loves more than to take some time to look at his own reflection. The major error we made with our new house is that it has a ton of windows. I have never seen so many windows which means I have never seen so many face, tongue and finger marks on windows in my life. Another thing to put off that must be done by Sat. The windows. Arggghhh.
Here are my guys again. Busy, busy, busy.....soaking up the sun and playing with the dogs.
There is nothing better than spending time together on a weekend in a big backyard. Just chillin'. Although, it is already getting hotter here than is comfortable for me. It was in the high 80's and I fear the summer heat....but that is something I will worry about later.
Things are good though. The boys love being corral-free in their room and the backyard. We are starting with the potty training with Benny at a very slow pace. Sebby is just not ready yet....doesn't want to sit for any length of time. At this point to familiarize Benny with the potty, we sit him there a couple times a day. He has been pretty successful pee pee wise as he loves to sit and wait and watch some TV. We aren't to the point of looking for dry diapers or anything (especially with just moving and all), but we are taking baby steps at least. And, now, I must try to tackle our one year Post Placement. Procrastination my friends, is not pretty. Gotta get right on it.

Later gators!

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Heather & Adam said...

I hate to tell ya, but....it takes a looong time. I still don't feel done, but that is mostly because I still need to replace some things. I'm sure you will get there faster. Just remember...you aren't going anywhere, so take it one day at a time. The boys look so happy! I can't wait to see the house all done, and lots of pics from thier party. Love and miss you!!