Sep 30, 2007

So, where did the weekend go?

We had big plans for this weekend. Let's do nothing! Let's relax and clean and just spend time. Let's take a moment and a breather and enjoy eachother. I have been trying to keep up the house, but haven't done any of the fun stuff like the windows and the vacuum attachments for the cobwebs in the corner. I really meant to bust out the tools and make this a spotless house. I really was, but then, the in-laws called on Friday and said that they would be visiting from the Bay Area for the second weekend in a row. They needed Michael to rebuild a computer for them since theirs had fried. This meant that Michael would spend most of the weekend upstairs or shopping, building and reprogramming a computer and I would watch the kids with the in-laws. There would be no time to do the labor intensive cleaning that I had put off for some time. Luckily, we did have time to go out to eat, pick up the boys' Halloween costumes and we had bought Sebby some shoes and sandals.

The boys do love their Lolo and Lola though. I help them out because my guys are big and heavy and so full of energy that it is hard to keep up with them. Also, I know their tricks and can try to head off mischief before it goes beyond the point of no return...and try is the operative word here! Just look....Sebby content to be held by his Lolo, wearing his new shoes (close up to come) and I think Ben must be getting into something because Lolo looks worried. Michael's dad is really good with the boys and spoils them rotten. Neither can cry without him picking them up and taking them around for entertainment purposes. They fight over whose turn it is with Lolo. Everybody loves Lolo!
Here is Sebby on the loose. He was chasing the dog with Bathtime Snoopy's robe. The dog did not want to wear said red robe and luckily was faster than the baby. Roenick is hiding behind the computer lest Seb get tired of chasing Jagr and catch the Roen. What is up with Seb's polo today? Whoever dressed him must have been thinking of Johnny Travolta back in the day. where are those buttons baby? You are too little to be showing off an oily beau hunk hair yet either, haha. No matter how the collar is, my baby is quite the cutie!
Here is the side view of Seb's new shoe. I had visions of super cool converse or vans.....but, Sebby had his own ideas. He and his brother love the Disney movie Cars and guess what Sebby spied with his little eye as soon as we got to the shoe aisle. The curly pointer finger came out and he let an excited OOOOOOOOOOhhhhhhh! Followed by, CAR! CAR! CA-CAR! So, although I usually don't like the plastic character shoes, Sebby was allowed to be his own person and make his own choice and get the fabulous Lightning McQueen shoe. It is a pretty cool, good looking shoe if I do say so myself.
And the eyes glow in the dark....a must have.....when shopping for shoes. Do you notice that they are a size seven? I tried to tell you all he had huge feet. He is learning to walk in these ski like devices and is doing pretty well. Although, his favorite thing to do is sit down and open and close the velcro. This is especially entertaining in his car seat.
Okay guys.....don't think we are as bad as Brittany, but here is Sebby enjoying some M & M's with Daddy. I just wish the dye on the candy shell didn't get all over and it wasn't crazy colors like bright blue or red. Have you ever seen a more giddy kiddo though. Tonight will be an extra tooth brushing...that is for sure!
Here is Benny. He so pooped out today with lack of nap. He skipped the morning nap with the excitement of saying goodbye to Lolo and Lola. Then when the boys went down for an afternoon nap, the phone rings. The first people in the last 2 weeks decide that they want to see the house. Usually you have a 30 minute heads up. Today, the agent calls with a 5 minute warning. Luckily I had straightened the upstairs earlier that morning....but had 30 minutes of work to do downstairs. Oh well. With two kids and two dogs and a messy husband.....I can't keep the house in 5 minute ready condition. I got them to agree to 10-15 minutes. We rushed around, but gave up because giving us 10 minutes was waiting outside of our open door after 5 minutes. Things were neat, but not sparkling. I was happy to have lookers and hope that it pans out, but the bad thing was that the boys had no nap...they were awakened just as they got to sleep. So, here is Ben at 5:30 pm, sleeping. A little nap before going to bed at night. Why is it that the one day you are not prepared, is the day people come.....frustrating. Last two Sundays, we were carpet cleaned and ready. Today, not so much......cross my fingers.....please buy my house.....pretty please! I did have two tri-tips cooking in the oven so the whole house smelled of beef. Better than dog, but not the sweet cookie and coffee smell we usually go for.
Okay, here are the costumes. Wanted to try them on to make sure that they fit. The boys are not into the head covering thing. It stays on for about 1 minute and is pulled off. Hopefully by next month they will magically want to wear it. I do think that Sebby is hands down the most cute Batman ever.....look out Clooney, Kilmer, Keaton and Bale!
And forget Toby....Benny is one up on you too. Although, since his head is too larget for the cap to fit over his eyes properly.....Peter Parker would have been in big trouble....everyone would have known it was him. Maybe he could have just bought some glasses like Clark Kent.

Lastly, here is Ben learning to walk in his shoes. He does pretty well as Lola navigates him around the luggage. We are just getting warmed up at this point to go to McDonald's. I have to say, I was so proud of my boys. We NEVER eat out because Michael is so worried that the boys will make a mess or act out. It really makes him nervous and he would feel bad if someone had to clean up a huge mess and when he is nervous, it makes me nervous, hence we never go. Well, with the in-laws as back up, we went out. Ah yeah! The boys ate their lunch without a problem. They fed themselves, were quiet and smiley and were very happy. It was like their own personal Disneyland. Just as we were getting ready to leave, a woman came in with her 2+ year old son. Boy was he loud and kicking and obnoxious and unable to sit and etc. etc. Now, I am not judging this lady because I know....we all have those days and hope that no one notices or is watching. I was just proud that my guys were not having one of those days, oh, and that my boys had some style that morning and were not wearing short shorts with cowboy boots and a tank top. Again, not judging anyone, but proud of my little guys. They may find that they will get to go out again sometime soon.....not too soon though.....can't have Chicken McNuggets everyday! Although, we were happy to see Cold Stone has non-dairy ice boys, there will be a sweet month ahead of you!
Take care,


shelly said...

like the outfits and the cars made me laugh when you said....out comes the curly pointer finger......

shelly said...

oh yeah I meant the costumes when I said outfits

Heather & Adam said...

you are too funny! and your boys are too cute! i can't take it!! i miss you guys.