Sep 6, 2007

Nothing but Love in the Cruz House

So, it has been a while since my last post. Between the in-laws visiting and the constant rushing around when you get a call that a potential buyer will be walking through the house in 20 minutes, there hasn't been much time for the internet. Okay, only partially true.... I got addicted to Restaurant Empire...which I have almost beaten, but have paid for it by staying up past midnight the last couple of nights. I needed to fill my HeatherB. time somehow, sigh, noone to IM with.....return from Et feels like you have been gone forever(j/k...kinda, hehe) . My best friend also came into town to take me to see the Rob Zombie Halloween remake and go out to dinner. I love my husband who is always willing to hold down the fort, watch the boys, when I get those rare chances to escape. It's not really escaping though. I enjoyed the movie, but half way through dinner I found myself thinking about the boys and wondering what they were up to. I am not used to being without them. To my dismay, they were already asleep in bed when I got home. There is no pleasing me. I need a break, but then feel bad when I am away. As promised, I included a picture of my little kissy face boys. It is cute, but also frightens me because sometimes they confuse kissing and biting and I worry that one will chomp on the other's face. Now I don't only have to worry about the dogs going Cujo, but now I worry about the babies too. I am a little less stressed though. I was able to go to the Acupuncturist for two straight scheduled appointments, so I should be returning to a more mellow, thin, and happy individual. Cute thing that happened while I was laying with a million needles sticking in me and unable to see Nonny was watching them and walking them outside the clinic. She was feeding them cereal and would hand a piece to Ben who would then place the cereal in Sebby's mouth. I wish I could have seen it. That sounded really cute and was the talk of the docs at the clinic.
I wish I had a video camera that wasn't an ancient relic from the past so that I could post a video of this kissing thing. It really does have the cutest little smacking noise to it and they giggle so sweetly. (Mike isn't so sure he likes this picture as it is not indicative of manly man things, but I told him that it was too bad, I was posting it) And, it is so much better than the usual biting of the arm, followed by a howl. Seb is usually the biter and Ben comes to mama holding his wrist, then pointing at Seb as if I didn't know who did it. Then I kiss it and rub the 8 teeth marks....good thing that the arm doesn't fit back to the molars, then it would be 11 teeth marks. Then Ben shakes his finger in the no signal at Seb. Unfortunately, even with my scolding of Seb, he smiles and laughs. Although, Ben is a quick and devious study, haha. A couple of times I have caught him going through the motions and accusing an innocent Seb. What is it though about needing to put things in their mouths. My boys love to look at and have books read to them. Unfortunately, they love to eat books too. We are working on that.
Here is my Sebby posing for the camera or maybe trying to figure out what he can do to convince me to hand it over. I can almost laugh and see the commercial pose for Captain Morgan Gold. But really, I can't get over how fast my guys are growing. I know that I probably say that every post, but I can't help but worry that I will wake up tomorrow only to find out that they are graduating from High School. Exaggeration maybe, but especially gets me when I look at the pics when we went to Et and only 4+ months later they have gotten so big and learned so much.
Here is Benny. Obviously tired, but never too tired to eat. This kid demands snacks all day long. Here he is with his Trader Joe's lightly salted Rice Cake. They are coo coo for rice cakes. It all started with me getting a sugary flavored version from the regular grocery store, whatever is on sale, don't you know. Of course they loved those. When their grandparents brought the much healthier version, I thought there would be no way they would eat it. Guess again. I remember when these things were all the dieting craze and not very tasty. I am glad that the boys like them, especially without the sugar. We don't need no stinkin' sugar! We are high on life over here!
Here are the boys at play, outside of the coral. It is much easier to allow them to run wild when Daddy is home. I think they know Mama too well. Everyday, I give them chances, but they know that they can get away with so much. Mama tries to discipline, but is a softy. Daddy's presence whips the boys into shape. They don't try half as much craziness and are actually quite mellow. This is the same at bedtime. My boys sleep well. They sleep from about 8:30pm to 7:00am. If mama tries to put them to bed by is a game of stand up so mama can lay me back down. Of course, mama should just leave if they don't let her rub their back/belly while falling asleep, but mama can't let her babies cry alone. So, she stays and the boys take an hour to finally get to sleep. It is good that daddy now always comes to help with the nighttime festivities. With daddy, the babies are in their crib, laying down and silent after 5 minutes. I am glad to have backup because then I can leave the room knowing they are happily asleep and have some time to unwind...and clean....and shower.
Daddy and Sebby getting ready to go outside. I wish that the camera could capture the big smile that Sebby has for his daddy here. It is always a treat to have Daddy home and the boys love spending time with him even if it is just to take a short ride to the store in the car.....especially since Daddy loves to stop for donuts or Jack in the Box.
Here is a picture that I love. No one can resist a topless firefighter. I think Ben here should be the centerfold or main month in this year's calendar. My husband says that this pic reminds him of YMCA and it would be even more so if we had gotten a police helmet for Sebby.
Did I mention how much my guys love food? They can be having the most horrible day, but they are all smiles at meal times. Look at Sebby's tray. It is as if he licked it clean.....or maybe Jagr did while Mama was refilling the drinks.
Now Benny has the dirty tray that we are accustomed too. Although, he is much cleaner than his brother normally. Sebby loves to rub food in his hair. He does this thing with food or lotion where he fluffs out his hair from sides. I tell you, I can do his hair and within minutes it is out of whack. And here it kid the rebel already refusing to keep his hair how mama wants it. Daddy calls it George Washington Hair because Sebby poofs it out and it looks like the wig of the founding father. Now my husband just has to say G.W. hair and Sebby messes his hair and smiles and cackles. With so much attention, Benny tries to do the same. Luckily, he is only marginally successful. Benny has the tight curls going on, so although he can get it uneven and a little frizzed, it doesn't end up looking like Michael Myers' mask by the end of the day. Between the mussing and the carseat/sleeping time hair, my goodness we got issues. This from me....the girl who brushes her hair once a day whether it needs it or not...and a hairdryer...forget about it. Now there are two more heads to look after and it would be worth it if my pains were appreciated..haha.....purple mohawk here we come....or maybe red and green for Xmas.

Okay, enough is enough. I have a million things to do and it is already late. Such is my life....and I love it. We will see what crazy things will occur tomorrow. I don't know why I end up writing a novel everyday. Sorry if there is too much bland repetition too. ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

Take care all,


shelly said...

love your pictures and your blog...just stumbled across it today.....thinking about adopting..and have been reading and learning from others

heather said...

You are so funny. Welcome to motherhood with that guilty feeling if you leave them. It's nive to get out and enjoy yourself, not to mention how good it is for dad to have that one on two time with the boys without mom around.

I love the pics of the boys they are getting so big. Give them big kisses for me.