Sep 20, 2007

The Ethiopian Patients

Of course, in my last post, Michael and I had a nasty cold/flu. Well, we passed on that evil virus first to Seb and then Ben. There is nothing like an illness to scare the crap out of a first time mom and with Michael never home (okay, not never drama queen, but it felt like it) I was having an anxiety attack to say the least. So, besides the thick green moss thriving in my Sebby's nose, he awoke Monday morning burning up. I mean, I nearly grabbed the kitchen gloves to take him out of the crib. The temp hovered around 102 all day and reached 103 at its worst point. I called my mom for advice, but she didn't have much new to say that I hadn't already tried. I called my Nonny to come over early so that she could help take care of Ben especially if I had to rush off to urgent care. In the end, I called Michael sobbing. I couldn't talk so he really got scared...not even knowing Seb had a cold before he left that morning. Just me crying like crazy. Okay, settle down, what happened....I choked out Seb.......what happened to Seb.....where is he.....where are you.......he has a cold.....what.......a fever......okay, settle down....Then he calmed me a bit and reminded me about everything we learned Pre med. I still had a hawk eye on Seb, but was breathing. I do have a flare for the dramatic and am quite the hysterical crier when trying to talk when upset.

Just not to worry anyone, here is Sebby on Wednesday, with a runny nose, the poops, but feeling great. Back to the story..... if anyone cares now since I ruined the ending....
I got my first encounter with the barf goblin. I had some spit ups before, but this was one heck of an adult size barf if you ask me. Sebby was in my arms, eyes barely open, and really sick. I gave him his next dose of medicine and a cookie. He grabbed that cookie and didn't let go, but didn't eat it. I knew he was really sick....never before has a cookie prolonged its life once in his grasp. So, I prop him up on me a little to help his yucky breathing and hear about six little hiccup like noises. Hmmm....what is that sound. I hope he doesn't........Seb turns around and goes all exorcist on me. Flying brown gallons of love flood my shirt, his shirt, my shorts, the dining room chair and pools nicely on the carpet. It was so hot and smelly, I hate sour apple juice/sauce, but I can't help but smile after the fact, that yeah.....I received my first mommy barf. Now it is official. I am a real mom. To make the rest of this story shorter....we started the otter pop regimen which totally worked. The fever held just under 102 for the rest of the day, Sebby got more energy, ate the cookie which survived in his hand and miraculously was not barfed on and played the rest of the day. The humidifer and some vicks held down the fort at night and we are as mischievious as ever, making up for the lost day.
So, fast forwarding even more, here is Sebby tonight eating spaghetti and french bread with gusto. Of course, he is Italian through and through like his mommy, haha. He eats happily and gives me a shout out pointer finger. So much better than the chicken and rice of yesterday. Yes he loves Dada and never stops calling for him, but mommy's Italian is better than Dada's filipino any day...ha ha! If there was any doubt as to how well he is feeling, take a look at this kid chowing down. Me? Sick? Nah, you must have someone else! That was my brother!
And of course, Benny loves his spaghetti as much as his brother. But, the last time we had rigattoni and that wasn't as much of a hit....especially because silly mommy didn't realize that she had used the Vodka cream sauce and not the good old Prego mushroom and bellpepper stuff. The Vodka sauce went untouched, but this serving was completely gone by the end of dinnertime. And, as always, there was room for a cookie after all was said and done.

Back to Wednesday! Yeah, I feel quite like Quentin Tarantino with all of my back and forth in the story telling. Here is my little Et patient feeling better and enjoying some one on one time with mommy and the dogs as Benny takes a nap. We played around the house and of course, Sebby opened the snack cabinet looking for something good. How could I resist a boy who survived mainly on otter pops the day before? So, I open the cracker tupperware and let him grab some out, okay, let him grab 6 out. He munches away, but after every bite gives a bite to Jagr and gives a bite to Roenick. Nervous me hopes the happy dogs don't nip the long slender fingers of the generous boy who loves them so much. As Sebby gets down to one cracker, he no longer wants to share. He scampers to the kitchen with Jagr hot on his tail. Jagr was very well behaved though and didn't jump or lurch and was finally rewarded with a dropping crumb. The boys have now replaced the word dog in their vocabulary with Jagr (although it is gaga-rrr to them, not Ya-ger) Even Roenick is now Gaga-rr.
Here is Ben chillin' on the carpet, watching his Playhouse Disney shows, eating cheerios and hey, wait a minute, where is Sebastian? Why, it is his fairly new trick of climbing on the couch. He pushes up one cushion, climbs on, then lifts up onto the higher portion and.......
runs along the couch screeching in delight. Ha Ha Mom! Told you I could do it! I just wish he got the concept that when you run along a couch having the best of times, if you get too close to the edge, you fall, usually not on the most favorable of terms. When Ben got on the couch, he reached over to the end table and grabbed a kleenex. He bunched it up, put it to his nose and made a loud snot blowing sound. Unfortunately, the sound came from his mouth. He is such a good copycat, but didn't get that when mommy and daddy blow their nose it makes that horrible sound, we don't make that sound with our mouth. I wish I had a pic or video of that one.
Here are Ben and Seb, slowing down a bit. Looking a little sick and lethargic with Nonny tending to them on the side. Ohhhhhh, we are still sick! Whoa is me! and a moment later....
Just kidding! We just wanted an Otter Pop or maybe some lunch...can you say jelly sandwich or french toast or a hot dog sounds good....please no chicken soup! Okay, we will settle for soda crackers and rice cereal, only if you throw in some applesauce!

So, here is this week in a nutshell. The kids get sick, but recover quicker than I do and are now back to normal. Ha, ha - and notice there is a fourth tooth coming in on Ben's top row.

We will see how this weekend goes. Mike's parents are coming for Mike's bday and we do hope to go out on Saturday save any catastrophe. With my luck, PMS will get me. Cross my fingers for a little Souplantation and Resident Evil Extinction. Hey, we need it after this week....okay, I need it and Mike can come along 'cause it is his bday!!!har har!!!

Take care all,


Heather said...

Cindy, I just found your blog because a friend told me about it. We were trying to figure out what blogs are our there re: adoptive parents of black twins. I'll be checking in from time to time now! What cuties you have!!! :)

Heather said...

I'm glad to hear you are all doing better. Welcome to the mommy of sick kids and husband club!! It isn't very fun. The boys look so good. Sebbys hair is getting so long. They are both so dang cute. Miss you guys!! How are things with the house?