Sep 15, 2007

This Too Shall Pass

So, I finally have some more pictures to add. Now I can blog. We have had a tough couple of days at home. First, Michael was sick. Just a cold, but any time he had at home was spent wrapped in a blanket and sleeping on the couch. And, we all know how husbands are when they are sick...hehe. Unfortunately, because of illness, we couldn't see the Mesgana dancers on Thursday in Ontario which would have been nice. We wanted to go to the Millenium celebration in LA on Saturday, but surprise, now I am sick and so we couldn't do that either. Not to mention, this week the boys have been crazy to say the least. Sebby has been in biting mode. Anytime he is the least bit annoyed, out come the teeth. Of course, when he goes to wrap his chompers around my arm I just look at him and say,"I know you aren't going to bite me." He usually looks away and tromps off. Unfortunately, when it comes to his brother, he bites like crazy. My greatest fear was realized....Sebby has started going zombie on Ben's face. He gets annoyed when Ben wants to be a kissy face and if Ben persists too much....chomp chomp, bite marks on the face. Now, I don't like any biting, but I think....not the face, can't you aim for the arm like you used too..haha.

Sebby is getting over a cold too. Here he is during his morning nap. It has been harder and harder to get him to sleep, especially in the afternoon. I know, I know....probably time for only one nap. Ben goes to sleep rather quickly, but Sebby I can rock forever and he will look up and ask,"Dada?Dada?" and I answer,"No Sebby, Daddy's at work. He gets home when it is dark. Let's take a nap now." and he just asks again. It can drive you crazy because, believe me, I need that time to myself.

Here is Benny napping too. All sprawled out and finally asleep. He has been crazier than he ever has. I think those teeth are starting to come in. The last of the front top and of course, those evil molars have to come sometime. I had just about forgot the torment that Sebby's molars added to my that unrest is back. And, I hate to say it, but Benny is a tantrum thrower. He gets very angry at his teeth and decides that the only way to make them feel better is to bite mama...and scratch mama....and pinch mama. After Wednesday when Michael came home....I had bruises up and down my forearms. The bite marks go away after the day, but the little scratch holes are still there along with brown bruise spots. I have never gotten so much exercise since canceling my gym membership. I go up and downstairs to the crib to put the offender for a minute or two for time out. I don't know if it works so much as punishment, but it calms down the perp and the victims alike. I had to do it, especially with Ben's crazy tantrums because it was upsetting Sebby, and to be honest, when I am being attacked, it upsets me too. I try to talk very calmly to Ben and try to restrain him, but Sebby feels the need to defend me. He marches over and if Ben is clawing he pushes Ben's hand away and gives him a reproachful look. If Ben persists, Seb goes to restrain Ben and that is an extra fight I don't need. There is no more powerless feeling than when you are trying to make both of your kids happy and it is impossible and at the same time you must remain calm. So, long story longer, I make the extra trip up and down the stairs a couple of hundred times a day.
Enough complaining for now. I don't want people to think that the few bad days here and there overshadow the gazillion happy days. Even in a bad day, there are a million things to be thankful for and a thousand instances where each boy brings me so much joy. What I didn't mention is that after each meltdown from either boy, I open my arms with a smile and they return the smile and crawl into my lap with a big hug. That big hug and the love I feel for them and from them makes everything in life worth it. Here is Benny awake from his nap before Sebby has even stirred. It is so nice because he gets free reign of the house. Ha, it is so much easier to watch one than two. Ben loves the computer, any remote controls and the phone. Oh yeah, and any video game controllers. So here he is touching the keyboard and for once mama isn't saying,"No, no, no!"
Here is Benny in the same stretch of time changing the channel on the TV. I guess he was tired of The Emperor's New School and hence the channel change. It is so much better than when he turns the TV on and off, on and off and back on and off again. I love this little guy!
And who can resist such a cute little helper. Sebby has a great affinity for vacuum cleaners. It started with his singing vacuum and whenever I let him, he loves the real thing. Of course, he is usually right under my feet helping me push...but I had to take a pic and so here he is holding up the heavy vacuum on his own. Now, my husband reprimanded me for having more pics of Ben than Seb, so next time I will have to try to equal things out. And here is hoping for a more peaceful week. Emergen-C and DayQuil I come.....make it a double.

Take care all,

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shelly said...

hope the biting stage ends soon..and hope that you feel better soon...cute pictures as always