Sep 26, 2007

You Know What They Say About Guys with Big Feet?

Their mama needs to get a second job (okay, a job) to start to pay for shoes!!!!! Forget a college fund or a car for the 16th birthdays....a mere drop in the bucket compared to the dollars in shoes that will be spent. But seriously though, I can't believe how fast my dudes are growing. I had bought like 8 pairs of shoes before travel in various sizes and now, most of them have not been used and are too small. Sebastian is the one that amazes me. I had to measure his foot because it was just so big, so round, it was like out there, like some kind of (oh wait, those aren't my words) was 5.5 inches. My goodness, at 16 months, he is all foot. The heal alone is like an inch of it. Not only is it long, but it is fat too. It is just so wide, like it could have 7 toes and then he'll spreads out his toes. They do come in handy when he is scaling vertical mountains, like wrapping them around walls or chairs, but my goodness....the cows better run and hide now lest they lose their hides for his future shoes. So, this weekend will definitely be shoe shopping time. We want to get some shoes for Halloween so that they can walk door to door. I am thinking black converse...then it will go with Batman for the night and his three piece suit for the day, can you say Bruce Wayne, haha.

Can't get enough of Sebby's smile here. Just take a minute and soak him in.....he is beautiful! Just looking at him makes me lose my train of thought....oh boring droning on about shoes...shall I continue? Sorry, I must......

Luckily enough, Ben's feet are only 4.5 inches long. He gets the last two pair of shoes that fit either of them....a pair of blue Polo sport loafers and a pair of osh kosh tennis shoes. Thank goodness for a smaller, narrower foot. Although, blue doesn't go with a black three piece suit, we will be needing some black converse for Benny too. Haha, I wonder if I can switch to some black vans with flames.....I know, I am getting ahead of myself. My boys rarely wear shoes, but with winter approaching, they will need to learn to like it. At the very least, it slows them down so that I can keep up with them better....who am I kidding, they still outrun me! And, if the state ever gets to processing our readoption paperwork and scheduling our court date, then both shoes and the suits will be handy soon.

I know, you all must be thinking....those kids are always eating. And, they pretty much are and I can't help but take pictures because they are so darn cute. Also, I know, their hair isn't done in this picture.....after a nap and rubbing of syrup and jelly in the doesn't look GQ. But, we have our own style in this family. I think they like to emulate me and my aversion to grooming (brush once a day....whether you need it or not....haha)
Here is Benny with his favorite meal time game. He loves to offer food or drink to mama and then pull it away, eat for himself, smile and giggle. The dogs get more food love than mama does! The other thing in particular with the cup is pretending to throw it overboard (as is the actual end result of every meal time) and when mama says no-no....hand it to mama.... he giggles....and mama says...okay, are you done?....and benny says, "all done" and mama goes over to retrieve said cup and Benny pulls it away and giggles and drinks and after repeating to the point that mama stops coming over, then it is bombs away! Like I said, the funnest game ever! Especially when mama has to climb through an obstacle course, under the table, under the chair, reach, reach, reach, is that dog licking me, what is that wet spot, did the cup leak....oh no, the dog did.....Everyday, two times a day.....very tiring....that is why breakfast is now in the corral, haha!

Today, GGNon brought the boys some new chairs and two boxes of cookies. A toxic combo...Here is Sebby with GGNon, watching The Doodlebops very quietly seated. It is so nice now, but Mama knows that there will be mischief to come. As soon as GGNon and Mama aren't looking, the true use of the chair will be seen. I can bet you......

Ben on the cellphone taking odds. Betting on an event that he is involved in......Pete Rose would be proud. Ben loves the phone. This is his cellphone that plays music and has different animals etc. He usually talks to his Nonny (my mom) everyday on the real phone, but I hold the phone so he doesn't hang up etc. Now, he grabs his phone......Hiya, helloooooo, hellloooooo.....ya, ya, ya, YA!......Ahhhhhhh! OOOOOHHHHH! and then he holds the phone to my ear (so that I don't hang up the phone I suppose) and I talk, and then he takes it back to his ear and starts his yammering and talking in an elevated voice again. It is really cute how he models things. Such an astute copycat. And, I don't know where he gets the loud hollering on the phone, but maybe it is just his excitement. We aren't loud phone talkers at all, no joke, we really aren't, really. I may talk with my hands like all good Italians, but.....I know, let's blame the filipino side of this family!

Back to the chairs. They definitely find those plastic chairs a little uncomfortable and a lot boring. How can we spice things up? The Doodlebops wouldn't sit quietly in their chairs would they? Hmmmmmm........
Yep, let's stand on these things, backwards so that they tip over. Good thing GGNon is there to be a spotter, otherwise baby goes boom! It may have made for a more interesting photo finish .....but mama is happy to have help and that her babies are safe and completely in tact. However, the chairs are now neatly outside of the corral with twin Winnie the Poohs sitting properly in them....until tomorrow that is!
And alas, back to the eating. A smiley messy Ben in the forefront and a smiley messy Seb behind, really to the side of him. After a lunch of pancakes, sausage, banana and syrup and a dinner of chicken, toast and jelly, and banana....don't forget the soy milk.....we are ready for a bath, okay, lazy mama, maybe just a wipedown for tonight. Shh, don't tell. Baths are better in the morning.....lest our hair doesn't dry and we recatch a cold in the night.

So, hopefully we will have happy posts in the future. Not even a nibble on the house yet....booo! Michael had work done on the Audi (don't even wanna see the bill manana) and the house needs a good cleaning this weekend. Resident Evil was even a bust and made me sad that a movie with so much potential (Come on, Ali Larter and zombies, how can you go wrong? ) was not up to par. I got a good laugh from the horrible special effects. Note to all movie producers, if you can't afford the effects, cut them from the script! Other than that, life is good. Actually, because of these little angels....everyday is good. I couldn't be happier! I love that I can complain about the little things, but in my heart know that I have everything I want in life, everything that is important.....yes, dear, a girl would be nice, but there is no way right now.....another 3+ years and counting and maybe.......

To end on something a little funny, today Sebastian pulls my shirt collar out, looks down and says, "Booba!" Where he learns this stuff, I do not know. Later, I test him when we are going over body parts, where is your nose, ear, mouth, toes....all good. Then he pulls up his shirt....he says belly button (beh, bu-on) and then touches his chest and giggles Booba! His grasp of language is improving everyday.......I just fear what he will say next!

Take care all,

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